Sunday, December 30, 2018

Church became an INDUSTRY Preachers are PROFESSIONALS all for MONEY

Church has become and industry.
Preachers have become professionals and it is all for the money.
Church used to be holy. Preachers used to be men of God but
everything has changed because of the love for money. Churches used
to speak the truth, preachers used to preach Jesus Christ but then
they got perverted. Churches started spreading lies, their own
doctrines to please the people. Preachers started preaching
themselves, becoming famous, to attract a following, which in turn
makes them rich and famous.
Bible translators used to fear God and
be careful to accurately translate the scriptures into various
languages. Then churches and individuals started selling and
promoting their own translations and versions of the Bible with their
own commentaries. They perverted the truth to create their own brand
of religion for their own benefit and profit. That is why there are
so many English versions of the Bible today. The Bible is the best
selling book of all times and churches and preachers wanted a slice
of the profit by selling their special version of the scriptures, not
the truth.
In order to sell more Bibles and make
more profit, Bible publishers, churches and preachers have elevated
the importance of the Bible by calling it the infallible Word of God,
causing people to trust in the Bible, more than in God. People trust
more in their Bible that in the Holy Spirit that was given by God to
guide us into all truth.
There is no more truth and integrity in
the churches. The preachers are hirelings and profiteering
professional liars who work for their church and their own benefit.
Churches have become government registered and controlled
institutions (501c3 tax exempt entities) in return for not speaking
out against evil practices, that are approved by government. Churches
will not speak out against immorality, homosexuality, abortions, war
or anything that the government does that is evil. If they do, they
risk losing their tax exempt status. They have sold their souls to
the devil for money. Like Judas, they have denied Jesus for 30 pieces
of silver. Even worse, they are leading multitudes to hell with them.
Be warned, that if you support the church you are promoting deception
and lies. You are partners to building the kingdom of satan and
taking people to hell.
Churches expand their evil deception
all over the world. They send out missionaries to spread their false
doctrines and make proselytes, converting them into religious
proselytes, devotees to the church and not to the truth, followers of
the church and not of Jesus Christ.
Church has become the high way to hell,
because not only do they deceive the people but they persecute the
true followers of Jesus Christ. The true followers of Jesus are
branded as heretics, backsliders, rebels, dissenters, sectarians.
Churches are driven by doctrines of demons and do not have the love
of Jesus, because they persecute those who do not support them and do
not belong to them. You will know them by their fruit, a bad tree can
not bear good fruit.
The only Savior of the world is Jesus
Christ. The only words that lead to salvation are His words, His
gospel, as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The only way to
have eternal life is to obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, to accept
Him and His words, to obey Him; repent, stop sinning, be baptized in
water for the pardon of your sins, live holy and sin no more.
You have to work out your own
salvation, nobody else can do it for you. No church or other person
can do it. It is all between you and Jesus. You have to accept Jesus,
bow before Him, pray to Him, accept Him into your life, ask Him to
pardon your sins and live your life to please Him. If you seek Him
and obey Him, He will reveal Himself to you, He will disclose Himself
to you. He will give His Holy Spirit in and with you to teach and
guide you. If you obey Him and stay with Him until the end of your
life you will have eternal life.
Do not be deceived by churches or men
and women. Only Jesus can save you. Seek Him and follow Him only.
May Jesus bless you.

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