Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Jesus does not follow the Script

Jesus Christ was rejected by the Jews because He did not fit the
picture that they had in their mind of Messiah. The pharisees and
teachers of the Law of Moses, the religious people, hated Jesus
because He did not comply with their doctrines. Jesus did not preach
the the Law of Moses. He preached the Kingdom of God. He explained to
them the prophecies and the writings of the prophets and they
marveled at His wisdom but they hated Him, sought to kill Him and
eventually had Him crucified, because He exposed their hypocrisy. He
did not fit the script.

Jesus came for the Jews, because salvation is from the Jews, but
the Jews rejected Him and His words and therefor salvation was
extended to the gentiles, the non-Jews. Jesus did not come to make
all men Jews but to make born again children of God that live
according to His words, His commands as they were also recorded in
the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Jesus did not come to
re-iterate the Law of Moses or make gentiles into Jews. He gave a new
commandment. He called men to believe in Him and obey His commands,
serve Him as Lord. That is why the Hebrew roots movements and
teachings are deception. There is no salvation in the Torah and
observing Jewish feasts, wearing Jewish clothes and paraphernalia.
The law and prophets, Old Testament, was fulfilled in Jesus Christ.
Jesus said:"The Law and the Prophets were proclaimed until John
(the baptist); since that time the gospel of the kingdom of God has
been preached” Luke 16:16.

Christian churches have concocted many doctrines and teachings by
combining Old Testament scripture and the teachings of the apostles
in the New Testament. They have created concepts and images of Jesus,
that do not exist. They have put together a script from their own
imaginations and from Bible scripture, a script, like for a movie,
and they expect Jesus to comply with it. Jesus is not part of their
script. He is not part of their churches. He does not fit into their
imagination. Jesus is Lord.

Jesus declared His kingdom. He delivered His words of eternal
life, the words that He spoke. His words are the truth. Jesus is the
WAY. The only way to have eternal life is to OBEY Him, to comply with
His words, His commands. He DISCLOSES Himself to those who ACCEPT Him
and His words and who follow Him, those who repent and are baptized
in water and who seek Him, His kingdom and His righteousness, His

Most Christian believers do not accept Jesus and His words,
because He does not FIT into their SCRIPT, their PICTURE or CONCEPT
of Him. They feel secure in their religious illusion but they will
wake up in hell, if they do not seek Jesus, accept Him and His words
and get to know Him for real.

Not many people do follow Jesus, because Jesus does not follow the
expectations and scripts of men. As soon as Jesus deviates from their
interpretation of the Bible, most believers leave Him and run after
other people of the same mind and same deception, the same church and
doctrine; the blind following the blind, and so they both fall into
the ditch.

Are you following Jesus, or are you following some script? Do you
obey His commands as they were recorded in the gospels, Matthew,
Mark, Luke and John? Have you repented and been baptized in water for
the remission of sin? Have you received the Holy Spirit that Jesus
gives to those who obey Him? Are you following the guidance of the
Holy Spirit? Do you hear the Master's voice and do you follow Him
along the path that He leads you?

May Jesus bless you

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