Monday, December 24, 2018

Pray it right

The only way to be victorious in your
walk with Jesus is to PRAY, not to give in or compromise. We can do
all things through Jesus who strengthens us, but in all things we
must seek His guidance and help.
Those who wish to live godly in
obedience to Jesus will face many trials, tribulations and obstacles
but we have to overcome and endure with Jesus until the end. Jesus
promised that He will never leave, nor forsake us, He is our Helper,
but we have to stay with Him in order to be victorious. Without Jesus
we can do nothing.
It does not matter how impossible the
situation is, pray, ask Jesus, trust Him, and He will make a way for
Jesus will never reject you if you call
on Him. Whatever your situation is, call out to Jesus. He will hear
and answer you, but then you have to honor Him, give Him the glory.
Keep praying. Never give up.

May Jesus bless you

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