Friday, December 21, 2018

Secure Your Future

There is only one way to secure your
future and to be safe, both now and for eternity, and that is to
follow and obey Jesus. Without Jesus the future is uncertain. Without
Jesus, the only thing that you can be certain of is ending up in
It is not sufficient just to believe in
Jesus. The demons also believe in Jesus and they tremble in fear,
because they know that their day of judgment is coming and they will
not escape His wrath. Believing in Jesus is useless if you do not
follow and obey Him.
Jesus is alive and He discloses,
reveals Himself to those who truly believe in Him, who obey His
words, repent and are baptized in water. Jesus gives His Holy Spirit
in and with those who accept and obey Him. The Holy Spirit will guide
them into all truth, IF they LISTEN to Him, OBEY and FOLLOW Him. The
Holy Spirit will guide you in every aspect of your life IF you follow
and obey Him.
Very few professing Christians do
really follow and obey Jesus. Most of them are no different from
unbelievers. They follow after, their own mind, popular opinion and
other people. They do not know nor trust Jesus, therefor they are
unable to follow Him. They are heading for destruction.
Jesus Christ is the ONLY way, now and
for eternity. If we seek Him, we will find Him. If we stay with Him,
trust and obey Him until the end, He will guide and protect us and
give us eternal life. Those who stray from Jesus will certainly end
up in hell and destruction, if they do not repent, run back to Jesus
and follow Him until the end.
Have you secured your future? Are you
following Jesus, every day?

May Jesus bless you

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