Friday, December 7, 2018

Do not listen to strangers

Jesus said:"My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me." Those who are born again children of God hear His voice, they listen to Him and follow Him. They do not follow after other people. Jesus said
that His sheep know His voice and they will not follow after strangers, they will run away from strangers, but many believers were never born again. They never got to know the voice of Jesus. They never followed after Him.
You get to know Him better when you follow after Him. You get to know His voice when you
seriously seek Him. In order to follow after Jesus, you must obey Him. Obey Hiswords. Repent, stop sinning, turn away from sin. Turn away from running after your own ideas and from running after other
people and go after Jesus. Obey His words. Obey Jesus ,repent and be baptized and seek Him with all your heart and He will reveal Himself to you and you will know His voice you will know Him for real. But most believers never started following Jesus. They never went after Him. They became religious. They joined a church. The only knowledge that they have of Jesus is what they've heard from others and what they have maybe read in the Bible, but they themselves do not know Jesus. They are not His sheep. They might call themselves believers, but believing in Jesus without following Him
is useless.0
We have to know Him and follow Him, and we only get to know Him if we seek Him with all our heart, because then He will reveal Himself to us. If we obey His teachings, do what He commanded. Repent and be baptized and seek Him with all our heart. He will give His Holy Spirit in us, to teach and guide us, to be with us, to teach us all things.
Most believers are tuned in to the wrong frequency. They are listening to other people. They are listening to the media. They are not listening to Jesus because they do not seek Him and they are not
tuned in to Him, and if he does speak to them they ignore Him. They don't know His voice. They do not seek Him. They are not interested in the kingdom of God . They want salvation but they don't want Jesus. They are not interested in knowing Jesus, and then is why Jesus will turn them away. He will say to them:"Go away I never knew you." Many of them are preachers. Many of them are good church people, They are busy with religion and they study the Bible and they make convicts for their church, but they themselves don't know Jesus. They do not hear His voice, they do not listen to Him. They do not follow Him.
Many of them are missionaries and they want to tell other people about Jesus, but they themselves do not know Him. They never got to know His voice. They never sought Him. They are busy with religion. They listen to strangers. They listen to what other people say. Many believers have their favorite pastors and teachers. There is only one teacher. Jesus said to His disciples:"Only one is your teacher and that is the Christ Himself."
If we follow Jesus we are taught by Him, by His Holy Spirit and we listen to Him because we know His voice. We have come to know His voice because we went after Him ,we sought Him and He revealed Himself to us. If you truly know Jesus you will listen to Him. You will hear His voice. You will not listen to other people, you won't trust them. You will only trust Jesus because you know Him. Are you one of His sheep? Do you know His voice? Do you distinguish His voice? Have you come to know Him for real, or are you running after strangers? Because then you are not one of His sheep.
If you are serious about following Jesus, about eternal life, then you will seek Him with all your heart. You will obey His words, His teachings. You will pray and you will seek Him until you find Him. You will be adamant about hearing from Him, but you will not listen to others, because you know the Master and you follow Him. You will run away from others. Do you hear His voice? Do you seek to hear His voice? Do you listen to Him? Do you follow Him and obey Him? Are you one of His sheep? May Jesus bless you.

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