Sunday, January 19, 2014

An Abstract Relationship

Most people have an abstract, non-existent relationship with God. They follow an ideology, a picture in their mind that they have built up. They follow an image of Jesus Christ and of God that centers around THEM and THEIR DESIRES, that which THEY EXPECT, their expectations, their hopes. This picture has been built up in their imagination from what they have heard and from what they have read in the Bible but they do not know Jesus Christ, they do not know God. Their expectation is in their HOPE, their ideology but they do not hope in Jesus Christ, they do not KNOW Him.
If you have truly come to know Jesus then all that matters to you is Jesus Christ Himself, your relationship with Him, HEARING His voice, living in communion with Him, KNOWING that He is always pleased with you. Then your life IS Christ.
Do you have a REAL RELATIONSHIP with the Living God? Or do you believe in an ABSTRACT a PICTURE in your mind, that does not really exist? Get to know Jesus Christ, the Living God and you will have REAL LIFE.

May Jesus bless you.

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