Sunday, January 12, 2014

Victory AFTER the Struggle

As followers of Jesus Christ and children of God we are daily in a tremendous struggle against evil forces, against the flesh and against principalities in the air that wage war against us. The only way that we can win this struggle and win the prize of eternal life is if we remain IN and WITH Jesus. Without Jesus we cannot do it.
When we are tempted and tested and tried we need to get our guidance from the Holy Spirit and then stand firmly in OBEDIENCE to what Jesus tells us to do. If we give in then we lose, we lose the battle and we are not worthy of the kingdom of God. We have to stand firmly in the name of Jesus and the devil will flee from us. It is not easy, it is impossible on our own but if we STAND in the name of Jesus and we resist the devil we can overcome.
Many people are not willing to resist the devil, to resist temptation and that is why they fall. When temptation comes they go WITH temptation and they go with the devil, they go with the flesh, they do not stay with Jesus. Do you stay WITH Jesus in your temptations or do you leave Jesus and go after the desires of the flesh and the temptations of the world?
Only those who stand firmly in the name of the Lord and resist the devil, only they will overcome IF they endure until the very end. Stand FIRM in the name of the Lord.

May Jesus bless you.

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