Wednesday, January 15, 2014

God is with YOU

God is always with us. The problem is that most people are not with God, because of sin. Sin separates us from God and removes us from His presence. If we sin we have no relationship nor communion with God. We can only have a relationship and communion with God if we get rid of sin. We can only get rid of sin if we STOP SINNING and OBEY Jesus Christ, be BAPTIZED IN WATER for the washing off of our sins and then go on to OBEY Jesus Christ who will give His SPIRIT IN US through Whom we can be in relationship and communion with God.
Are you in communion with God? Are you WITH GOD or are you IN SIN? The soul that sins will perish. No sinners can come into the presence of God. We can only be WITH GOD if we get rid of our sin . Are you WITH GOD? Are you in communion with God? Or are you living IN SIN?

May Jesus bless you.

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