Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No Need for God

Churches have no need for God because they feed off the congregation. The pastors of churches have no need for God because they are employed by churches and they get paid by their employers. Most people have no need for God. Wives depend on their husbands to supply in all their needs. Children depend on their parents for everything that they want and need. They don't need God! Many people depend on their employer, on their education, on themselves. They don't need God. They have found substitutes and that is why they don't know God. Many depend on the government, they are on government assistance, they have no need for God. Why should they seek Him? And that is why they will never get to know Him.
Many trust in their Bible knowledge for guidance and understanding. They have no need for the Holy Spirit, they don't need God . They think they know everything and they have everything.
If you WANT to follow Jesus Christ you have to FORSAKE all your IDOLS, all those things that you depend on and you have to LEARN to trust in Jesus or else you will never get to KNOW Him. That is why Jesus said:”Whoever WISHES to come after Me must DENY himself,” his own abilities, everything that he depends on, all his benefits, all his crutches, those things that cause him to NOT NEED GOD, have NO NEED FOR GOD, and then only can we LEARN to TRUST IN JESUS for everything, then only can we get to KNOW Him.
Have you forsaken everything and do you trust in Jesus? Where does your help come from? Do you have any need, any use for God?

May Jesus bless you.

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