Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Perfect Man

The first man Adam was a failure. He was supernaturally created by God and put into perfect conditions, perfect surroundings, Paradise. Yet he disobeyed God and because of that he perished. He was removed from the presence of God and after that all men were descendants of Adam.
Jesus Christ was naturally born into a corrupt and imperfect world but He perfectly obeyed God His Father. He was rejected, persecuted and killed. He did not fit into this world. He was the PERFECT MAN and He became the Savior of this world.
Jesus Christ was God Himself manifested in imperfect flesh to demonstrate that it is possible to be perfect in imperfect surroundings. Jesus Christ was perfected through suffering and ALL those who wish to follow Him will also be perfected through suffering, through following Him and OBEYING God the Father PERFECTLY in imperfect surroundings.
Are you willing to follow Jesus Christ and be perfected through suffering or are you looking for excuses like Adam who was born into perfect surroundings and circumstances but he disobeyed God? Those who follow Jesus will be perfected through suffering.

May Jesus bless you.

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