Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lame Offerings Insult God

The prayers and good deeds of many Christians are an insult to God because they do it just to pay their dues. They feel obliged to do it but it does not come from their heart. God is not mocked. If we do not serve Him with all our heart and if we do not mean what we say when we are praying then our prayers are just an idle repetition of words and our deeds are mockery. Jesus requires truth in the inner parts.
If we want to glorify and follow Jesus Christ, if we want to witness for Him, if we want to serve Him we have to do it with all our power and from our heart. God is not glorified by a lame offering.
Jesus gave us His best and He only expects of us our best or else it is not acceptable to Him.
Do we serve the Lord with all our heart? Do we really mean it or are we just going through the motions and paying our dues? Do we just say:”I love You Lord” because we feel we have to do it or because it truly comes from the heart?

May Jesus bless you.

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