Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FREE in Jesus Christ Alone

Real freedom is IN Jesus Christ alone. IN HIM we LIVE and MOVE and have our being IF we are IN Christ, IF we follow and obey Him and if we DO that which is pleasing to Him. Those who follow Jesus Christ do not fear anything else, they are not insecure, they do not have anxiety because they TRUST in Him. He guides them and He sets them free. Jesus makes them free from the things of the world, those things that bind them, the bondage of sin, of debt and of peer pressure, that which other people think of you, the fear of death, the fear of tomorrow, what might happen, because you are IN Christ and you TRUST Him and you KNOW that He guides your footsteps and nothing can separate you from Him.
IN Jesus Christ we bear good fruit and we build the Kingdom of God IF we follow and OBEY Him because then we are pleasing to God and we do not fear tomorrow, we do not fear the future, the uncertainty of what is happening in the world because our destiny is Jesus Christ, our hope is in Him and we SEE His hand moving in everything around us because we are pure in heart. We do not seek the things of the world nor our own desires but we seek to be pleasing to Jesus and therefor we HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR.
Are you FREE? Are you IN CHRIST? Are you IN perfect peace in His presence?

May Jesus bless you.

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