Monday, September 1, 2014


God did not make us to sin, He made us in His image, for His glory and for His purpose to proclaim His majesty, but if we do not FIT THE PURPOSE we are useless and we WILL PERISH. We are born into a wonderful world that God made, with people that were made wonderfully, beautifully FOR HIS PURPOSE but most people choose to reject God and squander their lives on themselves, they choose to reject their Creator and therefor they are not fit for purpose and they will perish.
We can CHOOSE to either OBEY God and live for His purpose or to be selfishly ambitious and turn our back on God. That will make us unfit for the Kingdom of Heaven, unfit for the purpose that God created us and therefor we will perish, we will be DISCARDED of.
We have the opportunity to have our past sins blotted out, forgiven, and to live in newness of life with Jesus Christ but we must choose. If we do not choose right and fulfill the purpose that God made us for we will certainly perish!
Jesus Christ is Coming. ARE YOU READY? He might come for you TODAY? Are you PREPARED? Will He know you and will He allow you to ENTER into His Kingdom? Are you FIT FOR PURPOSE or are you A SINNER? The choice is yours.

Jesus is COMING. Are you READY?

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