Thursday, September 25, 2014


You can only know Jesus Christ from experience IF you have met Him and if you FOLLOW and OBEY Him, then you get to KNOW Him. You cannot know Jesus from other people's testimonies or from reading the Bible. You can know ABOUT Jesus if you read the Bible, you might know the Bible but if you have not met Jesus, if you do not KNOW His VOICE, LISTEN to Him, FOLLOW Him, go WITH Him, go AFTER Him every day, you will never KNOW Him.
Most professing Christians do not KNOW Jesus Christ, they do not follow Him, nor do they OBEY Him. They go after their own desires, they aspire after the things of the world, they follow after the harlots of Hollywood, they are like the world, yet they believe in vain that they are saved, they are fooling themselves because they DON'T KNOW Jesus Christ! He will say to them:”Go away I never knew you, YOU WORKERS OF WICKEDNESS.”
If we follow Jesus Christ we will be like Him, we will not be like the world. We will not be accepted by the world. We will be HATED and REJECTED by all men in this world because they hate God, they hate Jesus Christ.
Most Christians have never experienced Jesus Christ, they DON'T KNOW HIM. Have you met Jesus? Are you following and obeying Him every day? Do you EXPERIENCE Jesus every day? What is your TESTIMONY? Do you know Jesus Christ from EXPERIENCE?

May Jesus bless you.

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