Friday, September 19, 2014

No Second Chance AFTER DEATH

The moment that we die our fate is sealed. There is not second chance after death. It is destined for man to die once and then to face judgment. As we lived, so shall we die. If we did not live WITH and FOR Jesus Christ we will not be with Him for eternity. If we wasted our lives on our own endeavors and rejected Jesus Christ then He will also deny and reject us when we stand before Him in judgment. If we do not know Him now, do not listen to Him and follow Him and do not live to please Him then He will turn us away, He will say to us:”Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness.”
If we want to have eternal life we have to COMMIT to FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus Christ right NOW. We have to now already SERVE Him as King, Lord and Master. If we do not become part of His Kingdom right now and submit to Him as our Lord, our King and our Master we will not have the opportunity to do so once we die.
There is no purgatory, there is no second chance. NOW is the day of salvation. We have to follow Jesus NOW or we will spend eternity away from Him in damnation.

May Jesus bless you


  1. That's scaring me because I do not know what to pleasure The Lord. Yes, I have a Holy Ghost in me and its moving fire in me but I do not understand him. I want to know him really well and I want to aware that I'm pleasure The Lord. Do you know what is my biggest fear? The Lord! Im terrified to die... I do not want to go to hell. How can I aware to pleasure The Lord? How can I follow HIS WAY if he don't say anything yet? That is where it scary me the most. Is there any way I can hear The Lord and follow HIS WAY? I still keep pray to The Lord. I still don't hear his's scaring me.

  2. Jesus will not reject us if we seek Him. The only safe place is with Jesus. Keep on seeking, He will answer you. Jesus bless you.

  3. Amen. I felt better when you said that about seek the Lord. This morning, I went to church and Jesus Christ healed my low back. It's not fully healing but I never feel it so comfortable when I sit down. It meant a lot to me. I heard that the more I say thank to Jesus. He will healing me more.Thank you, Jesus. Amen.