Thursday, September 4, 2014


If you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Master he immediately accepts you as a child of God and He give in you the POWER OF GOD which enables you to overcome satan. He gives in you the WISDOM OF GOD that enables you to refute all worldly wisdom because it is not your power, it is God's Power. But you have to exercise that power, through your utter dependence on Jesus Christ. You have to LEAN ON HIM every moment and then the power of God will work in you, but you have to RESIST the devil. You have to stand against him and then the power of God in you will destroy the works of satan, will help you to overcome.
You will be able to stand against temptation and against sin, you will have the wisdom to refute all the wisdom and the knowledge of this world because it is not your wisdom, it is the wisdom of God in you.
Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Master, do you have the power to stand against the devil? Is the wisdom of God in you to destroy and to refute all arguments of this world? They will not like you, they will not accept you, they will HATE YOU but you will overcome them if you STAND IN THE NAME OF THE LORD, if you STAND as a child of God.
Are you overcoming? Are you standing against satan? Is the wisdom of God working in and through you because you are walking with Jesus whom you have accepted as your Master? Are you truly a child of God? Is the power of God working in you? Is JESUS IN YOU? Is the power of God working IN and THROUGH you?

Jesus is coming! Are you READY? Has the Kingdom of God become REAL in you?

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