Monday, September 8, 2014


Jesus calls each one of us to be a servant of the Kingdom of God and He will reward every man according to their deeds, good or bad. Jesus gave each one of us talents to use in His Kingdom, to work for His Kingdom and He will require each of us to give account to Him for what we have done in the flesh. Did we build the Kingdom of God or did we not care? Did we destroy it?
Jesus said that he who does not gather with Him, scatters, and he who does not build, breaks, destroys. Jesus is coming and He brings His reward with Him, good or bad, for each one of those whom He has called. What reward do we expect?
Are we faithful servants in the Kingdom of God or do we not care? Are we squandering, wasting that which He has given to us on ourselves and on the pleasures of sin? Are we worthy servants who expect to be rewarded by our Master or are we wicked servants who will be punished and cast out where there will be whaling and gnashing of teeth?

Jesus is coming to reward to reward his servants. What reward do you and I expect?

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