Friday, November 20, 2015

Fallen from Grace

If we humble ourselves before Jesus Christ and repent of out sins, plead Him for forgiveness for our past sins and accept Him as our Lord and Master, then He immediately accepts us into His household. He gives us the new birth, we are born again to be children of God, we are SAVED by His GRACE, we are ELEVATED from being sinners to being saints. We become children of God because He adopts us. If we then go on to obey Him and live in obedience to Him we stay IN HIS HOUSEHOLD, we become part of the Kingdom of God. But most believers go away from Jesus, they go back to their sin. they FALL FROM GRACE. The GRACE of Jesus Christ LIFTED them from their sin and their addictions  and their bondage and set them FREE, made them children of God, saints, but they despised His grace and then they fall from grace and they go away from Jesus. They allow sin and disobedience to come in between them and Jesus Christ - they have FALLEN FROM HIS GRACE and they will perish if they do not turn around, repent and  go back to the Father's house, go back to Jesus Christ before it is too late.

If we want to stay in the Father's house we have to be pleasing to Him, we have to obey Him, be baptized in water, and ask Him for His Holy Spirit to dwell in us, to guide us every step of the way. Some believers have been baptized. they have received the baptism in the Holy Spirit like the first believers, they speak in tongues and they have experienced miracles but then they turn around, the FALL FROM GRACE. They go back into the world, they get entangled in sin and they are separated from God and most of them perish in that state, they die away from God.

Very few endure with Jesus until the very end. Most believers fall from grace.

Are you still in the Father's house? Are you living in obedience to Jesus Christ? Do you follow Him every day? Are you led by the Holy Spirit? Do you DO His will?  Is Jesus Christ pleased with you or did you never start following Him? Are you part of His household or have you fallen from grace?

Get back to Jesus before it is too late and you perish outside of His kingdom.

May Jesus bless you.

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