Sunday, November 15, 2015

Foolish Generation DEFIES God

This is a foolish generation, a generation that defies and challenges God. They challenge what they do not know and in the end they will perish. Even people who call themselves Christians, challenge God. Many even blaspheme the Holy Spirit because they have no fear of God.  They are like animals without reason, without common sense, and they will perish like animals.

Many Christians think that they know more than God because they have Bibles. They think that they can define and predict God, put Him in a box. They will tell you what God can and what He will do and what He cannot do. They just do not know Him and they will perish in their ignorance. Many Christians want to prove their salvation by quoting Bible verses but they do not know Jesus Christ. They search the scriptures and they quote scriptures to prove their position and to prove their salvation but they live in sin. They DISOBEY Jesus Christ. They have no respect for Jesus Christ. They do not obey Him, they defy Him, they disregard Him, they challenge Him because they do not know Him.

If this generation had any wisdom it would rather seek the truth, humble itself before Jesus Christ and ASK Him to reveal the truth to them. He loves and cares for us and He will reveal the truth to every soul who seeks the truth, but those who arrogantly defy Him and challenge Him, He will also defy them. If you truly KNOW Jesus Christ you will FEAR Him and you will RESPECT Him because you know whom He is, you know He is GOD and you know that without Him you can do nothing.

This foolish generation will perish if it does not humble itself before Jesus and SEEK the truth. Seek Jesus and He will reveal the truth to you. Humble yourself before Him and He will reveal Himself to you. He will reveal the TRUTH to you because He Himself is the WAY the LIFE and the TRUTH.

May Jesus bless you.

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