Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What Jesus told me about CHURCH

Last night I had a dream about a woman who had three babies. These three babies were born like three months apart but this woman did not care for the babies. They were not fed, they were not looked after. The one baby was bullying the other babies. I took these three babies and I cuddled them. I wanted to take them home with me to feed them and to take care of them.

Then I woke up and I prayed about this dream. I said:"Lord what does this mean?" It is not natural for babies to be born three months apart. It is also impossible for a baby that small to bully his brothers and sisters. I said:"Lord. what does this mean? What is this all about?" And Jesus gave me revelation.

This is the churches. They preach Jesus Christ. People believe in Jesus and  they are born again but instead of being cared for and nurtured so that they grow up to be mature children of God, these babies are not cared for, they are not taken care of. I took these and I wanted to look after them, to take care of them and I was reminded of the words of Jesus to Peter, when He said to him:"Feed My sheep" Churches do not look after the flock they do not look after the new born babies. They do not lead them into a relationship with Jesus Christ, they just turn them into slaves of the organization.

Many people start out very seriously. They seek the truth, they go to church, they believe in Jesus Christ, they have an experience. Some of them are baptized in water, some even receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit but they become involved in church business. Most believers in churches never grow spiritually, very few of them survive. Most of them DIE as spiritual babies. The new-born baby needs to LEARN to LISTEN to the Master's VOICE, His Shepherd. He needs to learn to TRUST in Jesus, to FOLLOW Jesus Christ and not people  because people will disappoint you, churches will exploit you because it is their business. They are not concerned about the kingdom of God , neither are they concerned about the souls that are being lost. They don't care about the babies.

Take care of yourself, dear friend. Go to the Good Shepherd, seek Jesus Christ yourself. ask Him and He will guide you, listen to Him and He will teach you. Jesus Christ Himself is the GOOD SHEPHERD and He called many to look after His sheep. to tend them, to feed them and to teach them to follow HIM, to make disciples, not to make church members,  Church organizations look after themselves, they do not care for the flock. They are hirelings, thieves and robbers. Get your focus on Jesus Christ, seek Him with all your heart. Follow Him and He will guide you. He cares for you. Follow Jesus.

May Jesus bless you.

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