Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I received a New Heart

Thirty years ago I was a backslider, a prodigal son. I was a very religious person. Whenever my wife managed to get me to church I could put up a very good performance, I was a very good pretender. At work I was one person, with my friends I was another person and when I went to church I was yet another person. But then the Holy Spirit convicted me, I got sick and tired of my sin and of being a prodigal son. I went on my knees and I said:"Lord Jesus, if you want me back, I want to come back." and Jesus Christ poured out His love in my heart, He gave me a NEW HEART, He changed me, in a moment.

I did not fit in with my friends any more, I did not fit in at work any more.I was not the same person any more. My boss called me in and He said to me:"I want your resignation. You don't fit in here any more." I was fired, I was dismissed because I had changed. Jesus gave me a NEW HEART. I was not interested in sin any more, I was not interested in the way I used to be any more. I had the fear of God in me but I had love for Jesus in my heart and since then I have been following Jesus because He gave me a NEW HEART.

If you have met Jesus Christ and you are SERIOUS, He gives you a NEW HEART, you cannot go on sinning. You cannot be the same person that you used to be if you have met Jesus Christ.

Have you received a NEW HEART? Or have you just taken on religion? Unless you get a NEW HEART you cannot be a child of God. If you are born again you get a NEW HEART..

Ask Jesus to give you a NEW HEART and you will be a different person from that very moment. You will hate sin, you will fear God and you will love Jesus Christ.

May Jesus bless you.

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