Monday, November 16, 2015

Trade Autonomy for Holy Spirit Direction

The kingdom of God is about God, it is not about you and me. The popular gospel that is being preached in churches today talks about YOUR SALVATION as though everything is about YOU, about YOUR life, about YOUR pleasure, YOUR prosperity, YOUR welfare. The kingdom of God  is about GOD, about HIS WILL. It is not about OUR plans and OUR ambitions, OUR opinion. Most believers are terribly opinionated. They are so sure of THEIR SALVATION based on THEIR Bible knowledge and they quote you scriptures to prove their salvation. they ARE SAVED. It is not about YOU or ME, it is about Jesus Christ, His kingdom, HE is LORD, HE is KING, HE is MASTER.

If we want LIFE, eternal life we have to trade our autonomy, our independence, our ambitions, our opinion for the will of  God. We must submit ourselves to Jesus Christ and we must DENY ourselves. Forget about yourself. Forget about your talents, your ambitions, your wisdom, your knowledge, your opinion, it DOESN'T MATTER. All that matters is Jesus Christ, His wisdom, His plan, His kingdom. If you want LIFE, eternal life, you have to pray the Lords Prayer meaning it:"THY will be done, THY Kingdom come..." Not MY WILL be done, it is not about ME. It is about Jesus Christ. It is not about how I understand it, how I read the Bible, about MY doctrine and MY opinion, It is about the GUIDANCE  of the Holy Spirit, HOW HE DIRECTS me into doing the will of God, how He teaches me, not how I understand it; how HE gives me wisdom and understanding of of the kingdom of God, of the WILL of GOD, of how I fit into God's plan, not my plan. Not how I want to serve God and what I want to do for Jesus and for the kingdom of God.

Without Jesus we can do nothing. He is not interested in our ambitions and our plans. we have to SUBMIT all of that, DENY all of that, FORGET about it and go after Jesus. Submit yourself to Him and say:"Lord Jesus, please guide me, please teach me, Thy will be done, not what I want, not where I want to go, not what I think I deserve" because I deserve nothing. It is all about Jesus Christ., His kingdom, because He gives me life. I deserve NOTHING, I deserve HELL but because He gave His life for me and He called me to be His servant, He will give me LIFE if I live my life to please Him.

Without Jesus Christ we can do nothing. It is not about us, about OUR life, about OUR salvation, it is about the kingdom of God. we have to submit ourselves to Jesus and live to please Him.

Are we pleasing to Jesus? Are we doing His will? The only way we can know  that is IF we HEAR from Him, and that is why we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit. You can go and put your Bible away because your Bible will not tell you whether Jesus is pleased with you. YES, if you OBEY the words of Jesus as recorded in your Bible,  you will KNOW that you have to be led by the Holy Spirit, DIRECTED by the Holy Spirit to be able to do the will of God and to bear fruit.

If we do not bear fruit we will get CUT OFF and BURNED. It is not about US. It is about Jesus Christ, His kingdom and doing HIS will. That is SALVATION. That is LIFE.

May Jesus bless you.

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