Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Jesus Christ is not a Jew

Jesus Christ is not a Jew, the Jews crucified Him. Neither is Jesus Christ an American. Jesus Christ is not an African, He is not an Australian, neither is He an European. No single country in this world will offer Jesus Christ citizenship because the world hates Him, they despise Him, they reject Him

Jesus Christ is LORD but His kingdom is of a different realm and if you belong to Jesus Christ and you follow Him you will also not fit into this world. Jesus Christ said that those who follow Him will be hated by all men, they will be persecuted.

If you are accepted by this world and by the religious people of this world then you cannot be of the kingdom of God, you cannot be of Jesus Christ because if you were of Jesus and followed Him, this world would hate and despise you.

Are you friends with the world? Do you fit into this world or do you belong to the kingdom of Jesus Christ? Is Jesus Christ your LORD?

May Jesus bless you.

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