Wednesday, November 11, 2015

What most Christians DO NOT UNDERSTAND

It is extremely sad but very true that most people who call themselves Christians do not really know a Christian is. Most professing Christians do not really know Jesus Christ. Most professing Christians think that to be a Christian is to practice the Christian religion, to read the Bible, to go to church and to do religious things. What they do not realize is that being a Christian means that you are a follower of Jesus Christ, that you KNOW Jesus Christ for REAL, that you are filled with the Holy Spirit and that you LISTEN to His VOICE, that you PRAY and communicate with Jesus Christ, that He speaks to you and guides you, that He teaches you.

Most professing Christians do not know Jesus Christ. They know about Him because they have read in the Bible about Him. Some say they believe IN Him and they have had an experience where they believe that they are saved, but they don't know Jesus Christ. They have no communication with Him, they only practice religion, and they think they are saved. They think they will have eternal life but when they die they will have a very bad surprise because when they stand in front of Jesus He will say to them:"Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness." They had no relationship with Him. The were just like the rest of the world. They were interested in the same things, they did the same things. they ran after the same ambitions and pleasure. The only difference was that they said they believe in Jesus, but they were not different.

If we KNOW Jesus Christ and we follow Him we will be different. We will be LIKE HIM. we will not just read about Him in the Bible, do Bible study and practice religion. We will BE LIKE Jesus Christ. We will be TRANSFORMED, we will not be sinners any more. We will be sons of God, children of God, like Jesus Christ showed us how to be.

Are you a child of God? Have you been born again of the Spirit of God  and are you led by the Holy Spirit, or are you just religious? Do you profess to be a Christian  but you do not know Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ is ALIVE and REAL. Do you KNOW Him? Do you know His VOICE? Do you FOLLOW Him? Are you like Jesus? Have you changed? Have you stopped sinning? Are you a child of God? Or are you just a Christian that does not know Jesus Christ? Are you a Christian that does not understand what it really means to be a Christian, to be a CHILD OF GOD?

May Jesus bless you.