Sunday, June 12, 2016

Churches are a fatal diversion

The man-made institutional church is a fatal diversion for those who have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and who have accepted Him as their Lord and Master.
The kingdom of God is about the King, Jesus Christ, about serving Him as our Master. Churches divert believers into service to the church. True religion is to serve the King, Jesus Christ, to be lead by the Holy Spirit and to do the will of God. If we do not serve Jesus under guidance of the Holy Spirit then we cannot bear fruit for His kingdom.
If we make ourselves a member of a church and start serving the church then we are not serving the kingdom of God, we are not serving Jesus Christ. The institutional church is a satanic diversion that takes people away from the WAY, Jesus Christ. It takes them away from the TRUTH. It leads them into serving MAN and the doctrines of men. Believers think that they have salvation if they go to church and they serve the church and support the church, but they have no relationship with Jesus Christ. They are not serving the King. They are not lead by the Holy Spirit. They are lead by the wolves in the pulpits. They follow after men and one day when they stand before Jesus He will say to them:"Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness. You never served Me. You had no relationship with Me, you were serving people. You were running after men."
The unbeliever serves himself. The religious person serves his church. But only the disciple of Jesus Christ who is lead by the Holy Spirit, only they serve the King, the Lord, the Master, Jesus Christ, God Almighty.
Are you serving the King? Are you one of His sheep? Do you listen to His voice and do you follow Him? Are you serving yourself or serving a church? Who is your master? Is Jesus Christ truly your Master? Do you know Him? Do you follow Him? Do you serve Him and will you enter His kingdom? He will only allow those entry who truly know Him, who serve Him, who pick up their cross every day and who follow Him until the very end. Without Jesus we have no hope, we have no future. If we do not belong to Him and do not serve the Kingdom of God we are not part of it and we will not inherit the kingdom of God.
Do you serve the King, Jesus Christ?

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