Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Walking in the New Way

Everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved. That name is Jesus Christ. Sadly very few of those who are saved stay saved. Most of them do not stay with Jesus Christ and they perish. Those who accept Jesus Christ are born again. He forgives their past sin. He sanctifies them, He glorifies them, He accepts them as children of God but most of them do not walk in the ways of God. They do not walk in the New Way.
Most of them go back to their own ways. They do not follow nor obey Jesus Christ. The stray and they fall into sin again, they fall into the hands of satan and they become slaves to sin again. Most of those who are born again do not endure with Jesus Christ. Most of them do not walk in His Ways. Most of them do not follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ dwelling IN them, guiding them teaching them. Most of them fall away!
Are you walking in the New Way, the way that Jesus Christ guides you? Are you walking in His footsteps, doing His will, learning His ways, gaining understanding and bearing fruit for His kingdom? Are you enduring with Jesus , following Him every day until the very end? Are you one of His sheep, hearing His voice, listening and following Him, doing His will every day? Or have you gone back to your own ways? Do you follow the ways of the world? Do you run after the lusts of the flesh and love the things of the world? Because then you have gone astray!
If you were once born again and you have gone astray, run back to Jesus before it is too late, and walk in His Way. Listen to His voice and do His will or else you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven, you will perish and end up in damnation.
Are you walking in the NEW WAY, the Jesus Way?
May Jesus bless you.

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