Saturday, June 11, 2016

Do not seek fulfillment in companionship with men

 People look for fulfillment in companionship of another human, a soulmate, a husband or a wife, but they are always disappointed because the only one who can really satisfy our soul is the One who made us, our Creator, Jesus Christ.

Jesus said that the one who loves Him is the one who obeys His commands and Him and the Father will come and live with such a person, come and dwell with him and He will reveal Himself to them. Jesus Christ is Mighty God, King of kings, He is the Comforter, the only Companion that will never leave us nor forsake us but we must be WITH HIM and He must be IN US.

If we seek Him and yearn for Him then we will find Him and He will reveal Himself to us. God is SPIRIT and He dwells IN those who love Him, who seek Him and who obey Him. God is IN them and they are ONE with God, they are FULFILLED.

Only Jesus Christ can fulfill us if we walk closely with Him, if we live in close relationship with Him. Are you fulfilled? Is Christ IN you? Do you have peace and rest for your soul? Seek Jesus with all your heart and He will fulfill you.

May Jesus bless you.

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