Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Choose your destiny

Man was made by God in the image of God and just like God who made him
he will exist for eternity. When we die we will exist in one of two
places. We will either live in the presence of God in the kingdom of
heaven or we will live in eternal damnation.
Those who obeyed the
gospel of Jesus Christ and chose to follow Him and who stayed with Him
until the end of their lives will enter into the kingdom of God. They
will be with Him for ever. But those who rejected Jesus Christ and chose
to follow after their own lusts and do what is evil, they will end up
in eternal damnation. We all have to choose where we will spend
eternity. If we do not choose to follow Jesus Christ we will spend
eternity in eternal damnation away from the presence of God.
We have
to make a decision whether we truly want to have eternal life and then
we have to follow after Jesus Christ until the very end. We have to OBEY
Him or else we will not enter into heaven.
No sinners will enter
into the kingdom of heaven, only those who are pure and holy, righteous
and who live in obedience to God. The unrighteous will not inherit the
kingdom of God.
Many decided to follow Jesus. Many accepted Him but
then they strayed from Him and they will end up in hell. Jesus said that
those who endure with Him until the very end, they will have eternal
life. We have to choose every day, many times, whether we go with Jesus
or whether we deny Him and go our own way. If we go our own way and run
after our own desires, our own lusts and we disobey Jesus Christ, then
we have left Him. We have to stay with Him every day, every moment until
the very end. We have to choose.
Do you choose Jesus? Do you choose
LIFE? Because if you don't you will certainly end up in hell. There is
only one way to eternal life and that is Jesus Christ. Choose Him,
follow Him and stay with Him until the very end.
May Jesus bless you.

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