Friday, June 3, 2016

Slaves and Free Men

The whole world is in the power of darkness. People cannot do what they want to do because they are in bondage. The only person who is really free is the one who is IN CHRIST. Those whom the Son of God has set free will be FREE and free indeed.

Many Christian believers are not free because they are not IN CHRIST. Most modern Christians say they cannot stop sinning. They are still in the bondage of sin. They are bound by satan, they cannot do what they want to do because they are slaves to sin. If Jesus Christ has come into your life and has set you free then you will be free . You will have the power to do His will. You will have the power to stand against the devil, to resist temptation. You will have the power to do the will of God, provided that you stay IN CHRIST. The only people that are really free are those who stay IN CHRIST, WITH Jesus Christ, who submit themselves to Him as Lord because He sets them free.

Nothing can happen to you that Jesus Christ does not allow. Those who belong to Jesus and who willfully serve Him are free, they are free from fear, anxiety and from sin because they submit to Jesus Christ. He determines their life. He guides their footsteps. He guides them , He teaches them. Their life is IN CHRIST because their life is Jesus Christ.

Are you a slave to sin? Are you in bondage? Are you addicted to substances, to drugs? Do you fear people? Do you fear about tomorrow, about the future, about life and death? Jesus said:"fear Him who after He has killed is able to throw into hell." If you fear Jesus Christ then you have nothing else to fear. Jesus Christ is the FINAL AUTHORITY. Jesus Christ is GOD. Fear Him and serve Him and you will be FREE.

May Jesus bless you.

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