Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Jesus Christ SPEAKS in me

Jesus Christ speaks in me because He lives in me. He has given His Holy Spirit to dwell in me. Jesus Christ promised His Holy Spirit to everyone who believes in Him, who accepts Him and who obeys Him.

The world cannot hear Jesus speaking, they cannot see the kingdom of God. They cannot receive the Spirit of Christ, the Holy Spirit. It is only those who are born again of the Spirit of God that can receive His Spirit.  He gives His Spirit in those who OBEY Him. His sheep HEAR His voice. They LISTEN to Him and they FOLLOW Him.

Does Jesus speak in you? Do you hear His voice? Do you listen and do you follow Him? Do you belong to Him?

If we do not have the Spirit of Christ we do not belong to Him. We can only belong to Him if we have given ourselves to Him, if we submit ourselves to Him and seek Him with all our heart. Then He will speak to us. He will teach us and He will guide us. He will give us wisdom and understanding. He will speak IN us. We will not be in darkness. We will walk in the LIGHT because Jesus will live in us.

Does Jesus live in you? Does He speak in you? Does He guide you? Do you belong to Him?

May Jesus bless you.

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  1. Let us all who ever is Jesus disciple preach the gospel only in Jesus name . it is time for everyone to know the truth about Christianity that Jesus never spoke or taught it to anyone of his disciple. We as Jesus disciple must only hold the name that Jesus himself gave us to obey God and that is Jesus. And there is only one name that you should serve and worship God with and that name is Jesus. Jesus never refer to his disciple as Christian. And our father never sent a person or name that is Christ like he only sent Jesus Christ and everything we do matter to God . so if we are calling ourselves anything other than what Jesus taught us are we doing God will or the devil. The devil want us to follow and become anything that Jesus didn't speaking out of his on mouth. Because only Jesus teaching is salvation and entirely. So if the devil can get you to become something Jesus never spoke he have decided you from learning from Jesus. So we must all let Jesus teach us how to glorified by bearing much fruit and so prove ourselves to be his disciple. Remember Jesus said I came in my father's name .so let Jesus give you the name he came in from God .Gob bless