Thursday, July 7, 2016

Do Not Associate With Sinners Be Pure Be Holy


If you are a born again child of God then you will cringe at sin. You will run away , you will hurt, it will offend you when people use the Lord's Name in vain, when you see how people defile themselves with tattoos, when they sit and watch TV. You will cringe when you see nakedness, how women expose themselves. You will not feel at home among the sinners, the hypocrites, the false Christians. It will cause you pain to see how people live as though God does not exist and you know that they are on their way to hell.
If you are a child of God you will not feel at home in this world. We are called to be separate, to be holy, not to participate in the same things, not to go to the same places.
If you are a child of God you will not watch TV with the sinners. You will not listen to their jokes. You will not appreciate their parties.
You cannot change a sinner. You cannot change a person who loves sin. You cannot change a worldly person by associating with him, by watching TV with him, by going to the game with him. You will just become like him. You cannot change them.
We have to come out from among them. Be separate. They have to know that we do not appreciate those things. we do not fit in there. They will slander you. They will hate you but they will see Jesus Christ in you. Come out from among the sinners.
Be pure and be holy, follow Jesus Christ and be LIGHT in this world. because if we have become like the world, if we are conformed to them, if we love the same things and appreciate the same vulgarity, immorality, sinfulness, then we have fallen away and we are not suitable for the kingdom of God. If we find ourselves in the company of the sinners, the mockers, the false Christians, then we are not of Jesus any more.
Be pure and be holy. Follow Jesus Christ. Separate yourself unto Him. Lift up Jesus and you will draw others unto Him.
May Jesus bless you

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