Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Holiness and Righteousness NOT Church Money Fellowship and Bible Study

The kingdom of God is about holiness, righteousness and humbly walking with God. It is not about church, fellowship and money, Bible study. The religious pharisees were concerned about the Law, they were covetous, they were concerned about money, about the temple. That is why when Jesus Christ said to them:"Break down this temple and I will build it up in three days," they thought He was talking about their idol, the temple. But He was talking about His body. Jesus Christ is concerned about the Body of Christ, those in whom He dwells, that the Body of Christ would be holy, righteous and consecrated unto Him. He is not concerned about money and about Bible study and about building churches , having fellowship with other people. He is concerned about our fellowship with Him.

Jesus Christ said if we wish to come after Him we must deny ourselves, give away our money, get rid of our earthly possessions that hold us back.

Those who preach about money are covetous, they are lovers of money and haters of God. Those who wish to build churches are building their own little kingdoms on earth, the churches. They are not building the kingdom of God. they are not busy with the kingdom of God. They are concerned about having people in their churches that can contribute, give money. They are not concerned about their souls and about holiness. They invite and accept anybody and everybody into church that has money. It doesn't matter whether he is unholy, unrighteous and persists in his sin. They are concerned about the money.

Ministries that ask you for money so that they can build the kingdom of God, they are not concerned about the kingdom of God. They are concerned about money.

From the fullness of the heart speaks the mouth. If we follow Jesus Christ we are concerned about the Body of Christ, about holiness, righteousness and humbly walking with God, bringing people to Jesus so that they can know Him and follow Him. We are not concerned about money.

Jesus said:"Do not work for bread that perishes, but work for the bread that I will give you," the Bread of Life, to hear from Him, to walk with Him , to be fed by His Spirit for our soul to be fed with the fullness, the knowledge and the fellowship with Jesus Christ himself.

The things of this earth will quickly perish but without holiness no man shall see God.

Are we pure and holy, serving Jesus Christ in humility, walking with Him day by day? Or are we concerned about  the things of this world, money, buildings, the acceptance and fellowship of people? We have to be concerned about the fellowship and approval of Jesus Christ, about being pure and holy, acceptable unto Him or else we will perish with the lovers of money and the lovers of this world that profess to be Christians but they are haters of God.

Where is our priority? With Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God, or with the things of this world?

May Jesus bless you.


  1. Hello!
    I love your videos!
    I have a question that I'm hoping you could help me with...
    When our Lord said don't light a lamp and hide it under a bushel. You need to be a light for others so they give praise to your father in heaven. And than he said about the servant who hide his talent. I don't feel like the Lord is calling me to make YouTube videos but I just don't know.
    I want to be a good and faithful servant to the Lord I love him with all that I am above all.
    But I'm not sure whet he means like do I have to make videos online or can I live a simple humble life and just love and serve others in my life out of love for Jesus.
    I'm really shy and the Internet kinda scares me so I'm torn between making videos or not. Any advice will be much appreciated.
    Thank you and God Bless you

    1. Pray and ask Jesus to guide you, to tell you what He wants you to do, friend. May Jesus bless you.