Friday, July 1, 2016

The Reprobate Church

The reprobate church organizations of this world is the gathering place of unrepentant, sinful, believers. There is no holiness, no righteousness, they are not separate from the world. They are of the world. They tolerate all unrighteousness and wickedness that God hates.

The world "church" is of pagan origin and it has been incorporated also into the Bible translations.

The body of Christ is pure and holy. It is the CALLED OUT ONES. It is not the "church" as commonly known in this world. The Body of Christ is separate. It is holy. It is not an organization. It is those individuals who are separated unto Jesus Christ, disciples who follow Him and who live according to His words, who are lead by His Spirit. They do not fit in to the reprobate church system of this world.

The churches of this world are the synagogue of satan, they are NOT the Body of Christ. they are deceived organizations and filled with individuals who follow after men. They have no relationship with Jesus Christ. they serve the organization. They do not know Jesus Christ, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. They will come under the wrath of God because they impersonate the Body of Christ, the CALLED OUT ASSEMBLY, those who are the true children of God.

A true child of God will not find himself in any of the reprobate churches of this world. Those who follow Jesus Christ are pure and holy, separated unto Him, lead by the Holy Spirit and doing the will of God.

The reprobate churches are unholy, unrighteous. There is no quest for holiness. They are the dwelling place of demons.

The true Body of Christ, the CALLED OUT ONES, they are the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.

Are you part of the reprobate church or are you the temple of the Holy Spirit in which Jesus Christ dwells? If you do not belong to Jesus Christ you are not of Him and you will perish under the judgment of God. Follow Jesus Christ in purity and in holiness and BE the Body of Christ in which He dwells. Come out from among them or else the wrath of God will also come on you. Be pure and holy, be the Body of Christ.

May Jesus bless you.

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