Thursday, July 21, 2016

I follow Jesus not the Bible

I follow Jesus Christ. He is my King, my Lord, my Master. I hear His voice every day and I follow Him.There are many people who believe in the Bible, they don't believe in Jesus.
My friends, I believe what is written in the Bible because the people
that wrote the scriptures, they knew God Almighty. They knew my Jesus.
Those people who wrote the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, they
followed Jesus,. They listened to Him. They saw what He did, they heard
His words and they wrote it down. Not Luke, He heard it from those who
did walk with Jesus. Luke followed the apostles and he wrote the book of
Acts. He wrote about what happened on the day of Pentecost. He wrote
about Peter, about Stephen. He carefully recorded those things that
Jesus did through these people. He recorded how the Holy Spirit was
poured out on the day of Pentecost and he recorded what Paul did (some
of it), what Paul and the other apostles did. He followed them around
and he recorded some of it, which is wonderful, and I love it and I read
it. I read the words of Jesus that these people wrote because they were
interested in hearing what Jesus said, and I believe what they say, and
I believe their testimony, but you know what, my friend? I have found
Jesus myself because I believed their testimony and now it is so
wonderful, I follow Jesus. Because I have FOUND Him, He is ALIVE, He is
the LIVING GOD, and I have found their testimony was true, because what
Jesus said is true. He said that if we keep His words then He will come
and He will live inside of us. He will reveal Himself to us. He said:"Me
and My Father will come and live in you and I will reveal Myself to
you." Isn't that wonderful? And I took it by the testimony of those
people that wrote it down. John wrote that. Go read the book of John. He
said that Jesus said:"If you love Me, keep My commandments and Me and
My Father will come and live with you and I will reveal Myself to you.
He says:"and the Spirit of Truth that the Father will send will guide
you into all truth and He will tell you things to come."
It's TRUE. I
am experiencing it every day, that that is true, my friend. If we obey
Jesus then He reveals Himself to us. He puts His words in our hearts, in
our minds, in our being. When we focus on Christ, His Spirit comes an 
lives in us and quickens us and guides us into all truth and we have
that relationship with Jesus where we are busy with the King all day,
where we hear His voice. You wake up at night and He has put it into
your heart, into your mind, into your soul. God has SPOKEN to you. He
has shown you things. He reveals Himself to you.
I don't believe any
more on what was written (in the Bible), I believe now, because I found
Him. It is like that woman at the well, the Samaritan woman. She went
to the city and she called the people and she said:"I found the
Messiah." and they said to her:"Listen, we do not believe any more what
you said to us, on grounds of that, but we ourselves have also seen Him,
now we believe.
Many people believe in the Bible, They don't
believe Jesus. They haven't found Jesus yet. They will quote you
scriptures but they don't know what Jesus says because they are not
talking to Him. They are not hearing Him, they haven't found Him. Jesus
said to the pharisees:"You seek the scriptures in there to find eternal
life but you won't come to Me and have Life" and that is exactly what is
happening today. People are into the scriptures and they haven't found
Jesus, because Jesus is not there, my friend.
The scriptures testify
of Christ, that He is God Almighty and you have to get to know Him, and
you have got to walk with God every moment of your life. He is God, my
friend, He is ALIVE, He is not dead. He is ALIVE. The scriptures were
written by people who had a relationship with God and with Christ,.
Their testimony is true but if you don't get to know Jesus yourself, my
friend, you have got a problem! Because He is going to say to many of
those people, all these Bible believing Christians, they are idolators,
they believe in the Bible, they follow the Bible, they don't follow
Chris, they have never met Him. They think that if they carry the black
Book under their arm, they are ok, they are going to heaven! They don't
know Jesus, my friend!
The only way you know Jesus is if you have a
testimony every day that Christ has talked to you, He has revealed
himself to you. But if Jesus did not speak to you today, my friend, you
have got a problem, because we will live, not from bread alone but from
every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
His sheep know His
voice and they follow Him, and if you do not hear His voice, then maybe
you are not His sheep. Maybe you are just a Bible believer. maybe you
believe in Jesus but you never found Jesus. You don't believe Jesus
ether, because if Jesus speaks to many people they go look for it in the
Bible. "Did Jesus say the same to Paul? No Jesus did not say the same
to Paul, so it can;t be Jesus speaking to me!." My friend, you don't
know Jesus. I am telling you that. You need to hear from Jesus for
Paul was a man of God because he heard from Jesus. He
didn't receive the gospel by hearing from other people. He received it
in a revelation from Christ Himself! He went to Arabia for three and a
half years and there Jesus revealed Himself to him and He gave Him the
whole gospel that Paul preached, Bur now people want to listen to the
gospel of Paul and they don't want to know the Jesus of the gospel.
friends, I follow Jesus Christ. I accept the testimony of these people
that wrote in the Bible but I follow the God of the Bible. I know Jesus
of the Bible, He lives in my heart and that is why I am on fire for Him
and I am testifying for Him , because my relationship with Him is real.
He talks to me every day. He guides my life. He guides my footsteps. He
is ALIVE, He is the Living God. Do you KNOW Him? Because He is going to
say to many people in that day:"Go away I never knew you because they
don't know Him. Do you know Him? Does He speak to you? He will! But you
have got to find Him, my friend. You have got to get down on your knees
and get serious.Say:"LORD, I NEED YOU! CRY OUT with a loud voices,
scream. Say :"Lord I need You!"
He will come to you. You are not
going to find Him in the Bible. You are not going to find Him in the
church. You are not going to find Him with clever people because He does
not speak to clever people, they are too clever themselves. they are
not interested in what God is saying. God reveals Himself to the humble
and to those who seek Him.
My friend, I know Jesus and He knows me and I follow Him. What about you? Do you know Jesus?

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