Friday, July 29, 2016

My 18th Birthday of my Second Life

Today, this day was my 18th birthday of my second life.
18 years ago on July 28th, 1998 I had a heart
attack and I died.
I found myself on my way to hell, but Jesus Christ had mercy on me and He gave me a second chance.
He sent me back to this world to be a witness
for Him, to tell the world that HELL IS REAL and Jesus Christ is ALIVE. Many people have asked me why I, having been a Christian, being baptized in water and baptized in the Holy Spirit, died on July 28th 1998 and found myself on my way to hell.
Jesus Christ made me understand that every branch in Him that does not bear fruit will get cut off and burned. I was not fruitful. I was a Christian, a believer, Holy Spirit filled but I was unfruitful and Jesus made me understand that if we do not bear fruit we will get cut off and burned.
I thank Jesus that He gave me a chance to come back to life and to be a witness for Him, to be fruitful and to bring others to Him, to testify, for Him and warn other people to bear fruit, to KNOW Jesus Christ, to LISTEN to His voice and to follow Him and not just be religious but to be disciples of Jesus Christ, not just to be believers but to bear fruit for His kingdom.
Without Jesus Christ we can do nothing, but He gives us the power and the ability, He gives us the opportunity to be children of God and to bear fruit for His kingdom, to bring others unto Him, so that they can also know Him and be part of His kingdom.
I thank Jesus for 18 years of fruitfulness, by His grace and by His mercy, not because of me but because of His mercy. I would have been in hell right now. I intend, by His grace and His mercy to carry on and to bear fruit as long as He wants to use me and I wish to encourage you, dear friend, to bear fruit for the kingdom of God. If you don't know Jesus, get to know Him because He is the only Way. If you call yourself a believer but you are unfruitful, you are not holy, you are not witnessing for Jesus, you are not following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you are rebellious and disobedient, I encourage you to get serious with Jesus. Seek Him with all your heart and bear fruit or else you will get cut off and burned.
There is not security for any unfruitful believer, any unfruitful disciple of Jesus Christ. We need to bear fruit for His kingdom and endure with Him until the very end to be saved.
Seek Jesus with all your heart, follow Him and bear fruit for His kingdom. Be lead by the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ will use you for His kingdom. If we do not bear fruit for Jesus we will get cut off and burned. We will perish with the unbelievers. Seek Jesus while you can.
May Jesus bless you. 


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