Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Arrogant Christians

Most people who call themselves Christians are extremely arrogant. They make certain claims based on Bible verses and on what they believe, based on their confession of faith and many of them think they can manipulate God. Those who are truly born again of the Spirit of God, those who have met Jesus Christ, do

not lay any claims. We know how dependent we are on Jesus Christ. We know that He is our salvation, we are not saved yet; we have the hope of salvation. He has saved us from the bondage of sin and He has brought us into His wonderful Light and He has given us the hope of salvation, if we follow Him until the end.

If we become His disciples and follow and obey Him, if we do His will and we are pleasing to Him until the end then we have the hope of salvation. Many Christians believe that they are saved

and that they have security of salvation and they will quote you scripture verses to prove their salvation. Many preachers are like that but none of them know Jesus Christ, none of them are born again, none of them are disciples of Jesus Christ. You need to be a humble disciple of Jesus Christ, a servant of the kingdom of heaven; you need to endure with Jesus Christ and

follow Him, serve Him, obey Him, submit to Him, deny yourself everyday pick up your cross and follow Him until the very end.

You have to endure with Jesus Christ until the end to have the final prize of eternal life. There is no room for arrogance for a disciple of Jesus Christ because a person who bears a cross has laid down everything, he has a laid down all claims to himself and he only seeks the approval of Jesus Christ. Humble

yourself before Jesus, seek Him with all your heart. Obey Him, turn away from all sin, be baptized in water, cleanse yourself of all unrighteousness, seek His indwelling Holy Spirit to come and abide in, you seek the guidance of His Holy Spirit. Humbly seek Him and follow Him every day until the very end. That is

what He requires of every disciple, every true follower of Jesus Christ is humble and obedient to his Master. Are you a disciple of Jesus?

Christ may Jesus bless you.

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