Friday, September 16, 2016

Your Teacher

God Almighty manifested Himself in Jesus Christ. He came and He walked among men but very few believed in Him, very few accepted Him,  very few followed Him; very few became His disciples and Jesus Christ commanded His disciples to go and make disciples that would just like them also follow and obey Him.

The disciples of Jesus Christ only have one teacher and that is Jesus Christ Himself. Jesus Christ manifests Himself in those who seek Him and who believe in Him. He is spirit and He promised His Holy Spirit to come and dwell in those who believe

in Him, those who obey Him. That is the mystery of all ages, Christ in us, Jesus Christ our Teacher comes and He dwells in men; He dwells in His disciples, in those who seek Him, who obey Him, and who wish to follow Him. Jesus Christ did not send us a

book, He did not send us the Bible. He manifests Himself in the form of the Holy Spirit. He is spirit and if we do not have the Spirit of Christ we do not belong to Him. He is our teacher and He does not hide Himself from us; people just expect to see and experience a physical manifestation. They want to see a person, they want to see Jesus in the flesh, but Jesus is not in the flesh. He is God, He is spirit and He manifests Himself, He reveals Himself through and in His Spirit dwelling in those who seek Him, who follow Him and who wish to obey Him; those who obey the gospel of Jesus Christ, who accept Him who obey His words, repent of their former senseless existence, of following after their own desires, who obey Him, cleanse themselves of all

unrighteousness, and who are baptized in water, who are born again of the Spirit of God and receive the Spirit of Christ

dwelling in them. They are taught and guided by the Holy Spirit they do not follow after men, they are not guided by men, they do not seek for answers in a book or in the scriptures because their Teacher abides in them.

Jesus Christ comes and lives in those who accepted Him and who have become born-again who are part of His body, part of His kingdom; that is the mystery of God in us, Emmanuel Jesus Christ dwelling in us. That is the mystery that very few Christians understand because they have never known God, they've never known Jesus Christ, they do not know who the Holy Spirit is and that is why many of them blaspheme Him; they reject Him and

they go into damnation. There  is only one God, there is only one Teacher and that is Jesus Christ.

God is spirit and He manifests himself in the Holy Spirit, in Jesus Christ dwelling in those who are His, His children. They have the Spirit of Christ, they are one with the Master.

Have you met Jesus Christ? Have you received the Holy Spirit? Have you found your Teacher? Are you guided and taught by Him?

Do you know Him for real? There's only One WAY and that is Jesus

Christ, He is the WAY, He is the LIFE, He is the TRUTH, He  is the Spirit. Do you know Him and do you follow Him?

May Jesus bless you.

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