Thursday, September 15, 2016

Presumption and Holy Spirit Guidance

As born-again children of God, filled with the Holy Spirit, we have to be led by the Holy Spirit. Those who are being led by the Spirit of God they are the children of God. It is important that we know the voice of the Holy Spirit, that we listen and that we follow Him, that we go after Him and that we do not run

ahead of Him, because if we run ahead of Him we will get confused, distracted and disillusioned.

When God speaks to you, you must wait on Him for further instruction. When He reveals something to you, you must not jump to conclusions or become presumptuous, make predictions and run

after those predictions. We must follow Jesus Christ step-by-step. Jesus is not in a hurry and we should not be in a hurry ether. We should wait on Him and follow Him.

In February of 2008 I heard a voice speaking to me twice the same night; He said to me "Jesus is coming, are you ready?"

I went to sleep and a few hours later I woke up again after hearing the voice saying to me:"Jesus is coming, are you ready?"

I got the fright of my life and I thought that Jesus was coming any moment. I called my family and I warned everybody that I came across because I assumed that Jesus was about to come any moment.

Did Jesus say that? No He only said "Jesus is coming, are you ready?" Since that time Jesus has come for many people. Many people have died without Jesus and He might come for some others today; they might also die today and then Jesus has come for them. It was eight years ago that I heard those words and then I thought that Jesus was coming immediately, it would be

the end of time.

I'm thankful that I was wrong in my assumption because I've  learned so much since those years. I have been able to witness and bring many others to Jesus. I have learned so much more in those years, my relationship with Jesus has become so much closer. I'm glad that I was wrong in my assumption. Since that time Jesus has spoken to me many times and told me things, but I have learned not to jump to conclusions, not to be presumptuous, but to wait on Him when He speaks to me and when He reveals something to me I pray about it and I wait on Him. He will reveal more to me if He so wishes but His command to me is to follow Him one day, one step at a time, and not to run ahead of Him, not to be presumptuous, not to make predictions.

Nobody knows what will happen today or tomorrow. We have this moment and we have this day and we must live this day to please Jesus Christ. The future is in the hands of Jesus and He is in control. He knows what He is doing and He only reveals to us what we need to know to do His will, today. If He speaks to us we must listen. If He commands us to do something we must do it and not presume or assume things, we must not make predictions, but we must follow the Master every day, one step at a time then

we will never be deceived, we will never be disappointed, because our expectation is not what we thought or hoped that would happen; our expectation is Jesus Christ and our desire is to do His will and be pleasing to Him today, and every day that He gives us. Do not run ahead of Jesus. Wait on Him and follow Him step by step, then you will never be disappointed, you will

never be disillusioned, because Jesus is God. Be still and know that Jesus is God, and that He is in control.

Trust Him and stay with Him; do not run ahead of Him

May Jesus bless you.

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