Monday, September 26, 2016

The Center of your Life

Until John the Baptist came the law and the prophets was preached, but John the Baptist
came and he preached the Kingdom of God. He came to make the way for
the King, Jesus Christ, and then the King of the Kingdom, Jesus
Christ Himself, came to redeem for Himself a people that would serve
and worship Him, a people that would inherit His kingdom, a people
that would follow Him and do His will; those are the sons of God, the
children of God.
The normal man is only
concerned about himself, he himself, is the king of his life, his
whole life centers around himself. But those who have accepted Jesus
Christ as their Lord and Master, and have submitted themselves to
Him, who have become part of His kingdom, their life centers around
Jesus Christ, around doing His will. They have died to self and their
own ambitions, their own desires, and they live only for one thing,
and that is the kingdom of God. They live to serve the King, the
Master Jesus Christ. He is Lord; every knee will bow and every tongue
will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He is Master. Even those
who rejected Him, who despised Him, even those who pierced Him, who
killed Him, they will confess and acknowledge that Jesus Christ is
Lord, but it will be too late for them. Now is the day of salvation,
now is the day of the Lord. Today is the day to accept Jesus Christ
as your Lord and Master and become part of His kingdom. If you reject
Him you will perish. There is only one way to have eternal life and
that is to serve Jesus Christ as Lord; to obey the gospel of Jesus
Christ, to obey His words, to accept Him, accept His words, repent,
turn away from serving yourself, turn away from being the center of
your own existence, and make Jesus Christ the center of your life.
Turn away from sin and selfishness, submit yourself to Jesus as Lord
and Master, die to self, be born again of the Spirit of God, and of
water, be baptized in water, and come out of that water a new
creature, be filled with the Holy Spirit and follow the guidance of
the Holy Spirit. Serve the King in holiness and righteousness. Let
your life center around Him or else you cannot be part of His
Are you part of the
kingdom of God? Do you follow and serve the King, Jesus Christ? Is He
real to you? Have you made Him the center of your life, or are you
doomed and destined for eternal destruction? Seek Jesus now, while
you can. He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords, serve Him as
Lord and Master. Know Him for real or else He will say to you, like
He will say to so many who rejected Him, so many who served
themselves, so many who ran after people; He will say to them: Go
away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness, because they did
not believe in Him. They did not accept Him, they did not serve Him
as Lord and Master. Is Jesus Christ your Master? Is he the center of
your existence?
May Jesus bless you.

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