Friday, September 9, 2016

Keep Fighting

The moment that you decide to follow Jesus Christ, you enter a battle field. From that moment onwards, satan will try everything to destroy you, to cause you to fail, to cause you to give up and stop following Jesus. You will have all the forces of evil coming against you and you will have to fight them off or else you will be distracted, you will be defeated. You will have to fight your own flesh, you will have to fight temptation and you will have to fight off satan. You will have to fight every day of your life . It will be a struggle.
Every time that you are defeated by the devil, every time that he puts you down, he strikes you down, every time that you stumble it gets harder and more difficult to get up and to follow Jesus again. You become disheartened and most people give up. It is a constant struggle and therefor it is only those who endure with Jesus until the very end , those who overcome, themselves, the desires of the flesh, temptation and demons, and the forces of satan , it is only those people that will win the prize of eternal life.
Jesus said those who endure until the end, they will be saved. The moment that you decide to follow Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit will be there to convict you, to warn you, but you need power to overcome. You need power to endure every day and to win that battle or else you will be defeated. If you do not constantly pray and stay focused on Jesus Christ, you will not stand against the devil, he will knock you down. You need to be vigilant, you need to be focused on Jesus and above all you need POWER; you need the power of the Holy Spirit INSIDE of you and that is why Jesus promised the Holy Spirit IN those who OBEY Him. You need to OBEY Jesus Christ, take a stand against satan, take a stand against the flesh, take a stand against sin. repent from sin, stand against sin; be baptized in water for the washing off of your sin, DIE to sin and when you come up out of that water after being baptized you are a new man in Christ, a new creature, a person who has made up his mind to struggle and to fight and to overcome until the very end. Jesus promised that for those who repent and who are baptized in water, He will give them the baptism in the Holy Spirit, His Spirit will come and dwell in them. He will give them the power to overcome.
If you obey Jesus an \d you repent and are baptized in water, then seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit and Jesus will FILL you with the Holy Spirit so that you will have the power to overcome  the attacks of satan. You will have the power to not only defend yourself but to overcome. But you have to endure with Jesus, you have to obey the Holy Spirit. If you live according to the flesh, according to your own desires and if you give in to the temptations of satan then you will be defeated, but if you live according to the Spirit; if you listen to the Holy Spirit, obey the Holy Spirit and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit you will overcome. Without the Holy Spirit you cannot make it.
Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to all who seek Him, and wish to overcome, to all who wish to enter the kingdom of heaven and win the prize of eternal life. You need to FIGHT, you need to get up every morning fighting; you need to go to bed at night praying, fighting satan because he will attack you at all times. But if the Spirit of God is in you and you pray in the spirit always, then you will be able to stand against satan.
Are you filled with the Holy Spirit? Are you fighting against satan? Or are you being defeated? Many believers fall into sin and they fall into temptation every day and they want to repent every day. You cannot get up every time.  Every time you are defeated it becomes more difficult to get up and follow Jesus again. If you allow satan to knock you down he will defeat you. You have to fight all the time.
Jesus said:"Watch and pray that you do not fall into temptation." If satan trips you up and you fall you might just not get up again. You need to fight and endure with Jesus every day until the very end.
Are you fighting? Or are you giving in? If you give in and give up Jesus will not help you but if you fight He will be there with you to strengthen you, to help you, to guide you, so that you can overcome and enter His kingdom. Are you fighting? And are you overcoming?
May Jesus bless you.

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