Friday, September 23, 2016

Sinning less will not save you from hell

Sinning less will not save your soul from hell. Being religious, going
to church, reading your Bible, even praying, will not save you. The only
One who can Christ. The only one who can save you from the bondage of
sin and from the guilt of your sin is Jesus Christ.

The only way to
have eternal life and not end up in damnation,is to accept Jesus Christ
as your Lord and Master and to serve Him as your King; to repent, turn
away from your previous lifestyle of sin and self gratification, doing
what you please, and to submit yourself to Jesus,to plead His pardon,
for Him to forgive you, for Him to give you mercy and save you from
damnation. Then to stop sinning immediately, change your life to live
your life in such a way that you obey Him, and are pleasing to Him, to
be totally devoted to Jesus Christ.

Jesus said that if we do not
love Him above all things, if we do not honor Him and regard Him above
father, or mother, wife, children, even our own life then we are not
worthy of Him. We have to submit to Him; dedicate our lives to Him and
live in utter obedience to Him, repent, be baptized in water for the
washing off of your, sin and sin no more, Turn away from those things
that you regarded more than Him, those things that were important in
your life and put Jesus Christ first. Love Him and obey Him.

you've been baptized in water and you have dedicated yourself to Him,
Jesus promises to give you the seal of His acceptance, the baptism in
the Holy Spirit. He will give His Holy Spirit to come and dwell in you,
to be with you, to comfort you, to guide you, to assure you, to guide
you in His ways.

Jesus is a jealous God. He does not tolerate other
Gods before us. If we regard anything or anybody else above Him then we
are not worthy of Him. Jesus said that if we disown Him, deny Him, He
will certainly also deny us. He is faithful. He will not leave us, nor
forsake us; He will not throw us away, He will not push us away from Him
but if we desert Him, we run away from Him, if we reject Him then we
are not worthy of Him and we will not enter His kingdom. We have to live
our lives to be pleasing to Jesus, live according to His commands, His
words. We must be His disciples. We have to love Him, we have to be in
close relationship with Him, in prayer. If we love our TV and our
entertainment more than Jesus Christ we are not worthy of Him. If we
rather watch TV and play video games than to pray and to be with Jesus,
then those things are more important to us and we will not enter his
kingdom. We have to be faithful to Him, we have to live our lives to
please Him. To sin means separation from Jesus to sin means rebellion
against Jesus, disregard for Him. To sin means to despise the Grace and
the mercy that He gave to us when he accepted us as His own.

Christ requires our total love and dedication or else we are not fit for
His kingdom. If we do not stay within every day and seek to be pleasing
to Him, if we do not submit ourselves to Him, listen to His voice, seek
His voice seek, His guidance, every day, if we do not cherish and
appreciate the presence of His Holy Spirit and make time to pray, listen
be with Him, then He will say to us: "Go away, I never knew you, you
workers of wickedness." If we deny Him He will certainly also deny us.
As we sow, so shall we reap. If we do not work on our relationship with
Jesus and if we do not put everything into it, we will not enter His

Jesus warned that many will try to enter His kingdom, many
will try hard but will not be able. Jesus requires our utter dedication.
Is our love and dedication, our relationship with Him worthy of being
in His kingdom with Him for ever?

Do we truly love Jesus Christ? Are we worthy of Him?

May Jesus bless you.

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