Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Many new followers of Jesus Christ feel

that they are not equipped to witness

for Him. Some have even been led to

believe if ever must first receive the

baptism of the Holy Spirit

before they can witness for Jesus. That

is just not true. if we have received

Jesus, repented, been baptized in water

and been born again then we are ready to

go and tell the world that Jesus is

alive that Jesus saved us, that He set us

free from our sin. We are ready to be His

witnesses, and Jesus said that for those

who believed certain signs will follow. I

read the words of Jesus in Mark chapter

16 verse 15 to 18. And He said to them: " Go

into all the world and preach the gospel

to all creation. He who has believed and

has been baptized shall be saved but he

who has disbelieved shall be condemned.

These signs will accompany those who

have believed. In My name they will cast

out demons, they will speak with new

tongues, they will pick up serpents and they

will drink any deadly poison and it will

not hurt them.They will lay their hands

on the sick and they will recover." Who is

He talking about? Those who believed and

obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ, who

repented and were baptized in water.

These signs will follow for them as they

go out witnessing for the Lord. these

things will happen.

The baptism in the Holy Spirit is a gift,

Jesus will give it to you, As we go out

for Him, as we witness, He will give us

the words. He will equip us. He will give

us the power to be effective witnesses.

You no need to

to a Bible School, you don't need to go

to some lectures to learn how to

testify for Jesus. If Jesus is in your

heart and He's real, if you've been born

again, you've got a testimony and you

can be His witness, and you must not let

anything stop you from witnessing for

Jesus. Many people are waiting for the

baptism in the Holy Spirit and then once

they start speaking in tongues they go

to church to make a big noise, but they

don't go out and preach the gospel, they

don't witness for Jesus.That is no good.

We have to witness for Jesus. He gives

power, He gives wisdom. As we go out He

gives power to overcome and He gives us

the words to witness. Don't worry what

you will say. Go and witness for Jesus. He

will put the words in your mouth, in your

heart, because if Jesus lives in your

heart His wisdom is in you and as you

witness for Him,

He will give more power, more wisdom, more

boldness. Don't let anything stop you

from witnessing for Jesus. We will be His

witnesses. May Jesus bless you.

Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real.

I am here to introduce you to Jesus

Christ so that you can know Him and

follow Him and have eternal life

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about Jesus. May Jesus bless you.


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