Wednesday, December 18, 2019


It does not matter who you are, where you

live, what your status is. There is only

one person who can give eternal life and

that is Jesus Christ. People are foolish,

they do not know Him and therefore they

reject Him. Jesus Christ is Lord, all

power and all authority belongs to Him

and He will decide whether you go into

heaven or into hell. There are only two

destinations, heaven or hell. Only those

who have accepted and obeyed Jesus have

a chance or a hope of eternal life,

nobody else . Those who refuse Him are

already condemned, they are already doomed. They have no chance but many of those

who believe in Him do not obey Him

because they do not fear Him. They do not

believe His words and therefor they will

also perish, because Jesus said that

those who disobey Him, who disobey His

words, will not enter the kingdom of

heaven. If we love Him we will obey Him

and do exactly what He said. Not many

will be saved, not many will enter the

kingdom of heaven. Some of the most

foolish people are Christians, because

they believe in Jesus but they do not

obey His words and they will end up in

hell if they do not repent and obey Him.

They follow after the doctrines of men.

They refuse to obey the words of Jesus

as they are also recorded in Matthew,

Mark, Luke and John. Jesus said repent and

be baptized, They refuse to be baptized,

many refuse to stop sinning

they will perish. The disobedient, the sinner

will not enter the kingdom of heaven.

Jesus warned that many believers who

thought they had eternal life, who cast out

demons in His name and did many

miracles, mighty works, He will turn them

away and H will say to them:"Go away I

never knew you." Why, because they did not

obey Him. They were not in relationship,

in communion with Him, they did not fear

Him. The vast majority of Christians do

not fear Jesus because they do not know

Him and they are foolish. I fear Him. 20

years ago I had a heart attack and I

died. I thought I was saved but I died

and I found myself on my way to hell. I

pleaded with Jesus and He allowed me to

come back to come and mend my ways and

tell the world that Jesus is alive and

hell is real. You must fear Jesus. Jesus

warned His disciples:

"I say to you My

friends, do not be afraid of those who

kill the body and after that they have

no more that they can do, but I will warn

you whom to fear. Fear the one who after He

has killed, has authority to cast into

hell, yes I tell you fear Him." That is

Jesus. It is not God that will judge the

world, it is Jesus . All authority and all

power has been given to Jesus. He is the

final judge and you will stand before

Him, whether you like it or not, whether

you believe in Him or not and He will

decide whether you go into heaven or

into hell.

Many Christians disregard Jesus. They

just believe in him for salvation but

they have nothing to do with Him. They

shun Him, mock Him, disregard Him

because they do not fear Him and that is

why they will end up in hell.

Do you fear Him? Do take His words

seriously? Do you obey Him. If you fear Him

you will love Him and you will obey Him.

You must fear Jesus. May Jesus bless you.

Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real.

I am here to introduce you to Jesus

Christ so that you can know Him and

follow Him and have eternal life.

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about Jesus, May Jesus bless you,

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