Sunday, December 22, 2019


Man shall not live from bread alone but

from every word that proceeds from the

mouth of God. Jesus Christ is the bread

of life and He gives eternal life to those

who eat Him those, who have received Him,

those who have obeyed Him and become

born again children of God,those who

listen to His voice and who follow Him,

they are led by the Holy Spirit. We must

remain in Jesus and hear from Him follow

Him every day. Without Jesus we can do


He gave Himself as a ransom so that

those who believe in him can have life

and life eternal. Through His stripes we

are healed and through His blood we are

saved if we follow and obey Him. We need

to live in communion with Jesus every

day and He said if we do not take

communion, the Lord's Supper, then we have

no part in Him because we must eat His

body and drink His blood and if we do

not have Him in us we do not have life

in us. My wife and I take communion every

day. We must stay in communion with Jesus

every day, we must have communion with

Jesus every day not just a taking

communion, but living in communion with

him being, led by His Spirit. Jesus is the

bread of life, we must eat of that bread

every day to have life in us. People

desire many things. They desire the

things of the world but they do not

desire Jesus, neither His words. They

desire all the things of the world, they

do not desire His words and His kingdom

do not received Him. Have we received

Jesus? Do we seek Him and desire

Him: Do we eat of Jesus every day? Do we hear

His voice and follow Him? May Jesus bless


Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real

I am here to introduce you to Jesus

Christ so that you can know Him and

follow Him and have eternal life.

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about Jesus. May Jesus bless you.

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