Saturday, December 7, 2019


God loves us and He cares for us and He

will never give up on us. Once we've

received Jesus and been born again He will

never let go of us, He will keep on going

after us until the very end, but if we go

away from Him if we keep on straying and

we do not get back to Him we will end up

in hell, even though we were born again

and are children of God. I speak from


Many years ago about, 35 years ago I was

severely backslidden, I had turned away

from Jesus and I was serving satan well.

I was in corporate business and doing

extremely well. I was one of the popular

managers,doing well in my business for

the business, but doing everything wrong,

drinking, carousing, entertaining

customers and I was popular and making

lots of money. In my soul I was so

unhappy. I just knew I was on my way to

hell but I still knew that Jesus loved

me, He cared for me. I did not have the

confidence to go back to Him but the

Holy Spirit kept on speaking to me

and one night the Holy Spirit spoke into

my heart and I said: "Lord I want to come

back, I want to be your child but I

don't know whether you will take me back. I

did not realize I was still His child,

but I drifted so far

He never shunned me I had left Him and

that night I said: Lord I would love to

come back."

and Jesus said:"I'll take you back, come

back." and dear friends,  there my heart

changed. The next day I went to work I

was a different man and soon my boss

called me and he said to me: "What's wrong

with you? You're not the same fun guy

anymore.  I said to him:"Sir, I have just

come to realize that I'm going the wrong

way fast and I don't want to go there

anymore." So he said to me:

"So you mean we're all going to hell?" I

said:"No, I say I I'm turning around I'm

going, I'm going a different direction I

don't want to could be going where I am

going now." It was a few days after that

did he called me in and he said to me

"You don't fit in here anymore, I want

your resignation." It was a shock I was fired

and then there was a period of severe hardship, three and a half years that we

really battled, but I was with Jesus and

I did never regret that because I did

not fit in anymore.  I did not enjoy the

pleasures of sin any more. I didn't

want to be here.

I was not better than anybody else,but

I'd come back to my Father's house and

dear friends, there's only one safe place

to be and that is with Jesus.

The pleasures of sin do not last very

long but the rewards are eternal. You'll

end up in hell. Sin is not nice when you're

a child of God and you are backslidden

because you are constantly under

conviction of the Holy Spirit. Without

holiness we cannot come into the

presence of God we cannot be with Jesus,

and He requires of us that we be holy.

You cannot sin and walk with God, you do

not have the confidence. How can I sin

today and do something, that I know is

wrong and then tonight go and quickly

pray and say: "O Lord forgive me."? Was I

serious? God knows and I know. A lot of people are fooling themselves because

they don't know Jesus. Friendship with

the world is enmity with God. We cannot

be friends with the world and friends

with Jesus or a child of God. We have to

be pure and holy, we have to live our

lives to please the Lord. We must not go

after our friends, we must not go after

the world. We must go after Jesus, If you

go after friends they will take you away

from Jesus.

It doesn't matter how nice that girl is,

she will take you to hell. It doesn't

matter how good said job sounds when

you're making a lot of money but you're

cheating people, it'll take you to hell.

God wants righteousness. holiness. We must

reserve ourselves unto Jesus, be pure and

holy because He will guide us. He will

teach us. He will teach us His ways. There

is no such thing as salvation without


You cannot just believe in Jesus for

salvation. You have to follow and obey

Him, be a child of God, repent be baptized,

cleanse yourself of all unrighteousness'

Many people accept Jesus and then they

fall into sin or they fall into

temptation and then they give up. Don't

give up. Go back to Jesus. If you fall, get

up, go pray go and restore the

relationship with Him,  ask His

forgiveness. Humble yourself before Him

and stay with Him. He loves you. He cares, He will never give up on you but you have

got to stay with Him. If you don't

the wolves will catch you, you will be

caught outside you will end up in hell.

We have to stay with Jesus. It's a

lifelong relationship that only grows if

I keep on working on it'

Holiness, sanctification, happens when I

dedicate myself to Jesus. When we first

come to Jesus it's easy. You see those

drinking and stop cursing you stop doing

certain things but some things are very

hard to weed out. You've got to work at

that, you've got to sanctify yourself

because without holiness no man will she

see the Lord. We've got to dedicate

ourselves to Jesus. Do not become friends

with the world. Do not go along with

their carousing and wrong things you

will truly get thrown away do not love

the things of the world. Seek Jesus, love

Him, ask Him and He will guide you. He

will teach you, but you have to stay with

Him until the end. It doesn't matter

times you fall, if you fall in ten times

in one day and you go and ask

forgiveness He forgives. He will never

please go back to Him because as long as

you are away from Jesus,if there's sin

between you and Jesus, you are in danger

of hellfire. We have to make sure that

there is no sin between us and Jesus and

when I say sin, I mean nothing,

no disobedience, it is all about our

Jesus, if you're not following Him, if

you're not hearing His voice, then dear

friend you have a serious problem. Go and

seek Jesus until you hear His voice and

listen to Him. Seek Him everyday, follow

Him until the very end. It's not about

church. It's not about other people, it's

not about fellowship with other

Christians. It is about my fellowship

with Jesus, my relationship with Him

every day.

Am i close to Jesus. Do I hear His

voice ? Do I seek to please Him or am

I just being religious because then I'm

fooling myself. He will say to many

people in that day when they die: "Go away

I never knew you,"  They will said:"Lord I'm a

Christian' I went to church and I did so

many things'" and He will say: "No you were

not with Me. You were with your friends

and with the things of the world, you

never spent time with Me.  You were never really

interested Me. Go away I never knew you'"

Do not slide back, do not allow anything

do not become conformed to this world,

but seek Jesus until the very end and

endure with Him until the end and you will

be saved.

Jesus does not appreciate part time

followers we must follow Him until the

very end. May Jesus bless you.

Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real

I am here to introduce you to Jesus

Christ so that you can know Him and

about Jesus. May Jesus bless you.

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