Monday, December 16, 2019


In February 2008 I had
three divine revelations from Jesus Christ. Three times during that
month He came to me and spoke to me. The one time the same night I
heard these words three times, a
voice said to me: "Jesus
is coming, Are you ready." I went back to sleep and I was awoken
by the same words three times after each other.
I also had two other
revelations. One night, three times I heard these words: "There
comes the bridegroom, go out to meet Him," and then one night
three times these words came to me: "Heaven to hell, Baxter"
which led me to the testimony of Mary K. Baxter, who spent thirty
consecutive nights with Jesus in hell, and she delivered her
testimony, which is on the Internet.
It was because of these
revelations of Jesus that I was woken up, and that started me on this
path, and the reason why you see me here on YouTube and on the
internet, Jesus woke me up when He said: "Jesus is coming! Are
you ready?" I warned everybody. My wife and I went out and we
warned people in the streets. I preached in the streets and they
stopped me from preaching in the streets, and then the Lord told me
to go onto YouTube and start preaching the gospel on YouTube. Now
Jesus said, as we read in Matthew chapter 24 verse 14: "This
gospel of the kingdom must be preached in the whole world and then
the end will come."
Well, the truth of the
matter is that the gospel of the kingdom has been preached since John
the Baptist, but it is not the gospel that is being preached in the
world today, and I was also deceived, I was also a victim of the
false Gospels that are preached in this world and Jesus woke me up
and He revealed to me the truth, the true gospel the true gospel is
the gospel that John the Baptist preached. He came to prepare the way
for Jesus because the King is coming, He is coming to establish His
kingdom. All power and all authority has been given to Jesus and He
will judge all men. God Himself will not judge anybody. Jesus will
judge. John the Baptist said that He will come and He will clear His
threshing floor through and through. He said that every branch, that
every tree that does not bear fruit will get cut down and that the
axe was already laying at the root of the trees. He preached a
repentance and baptism and many came to be baptized and he showed
away the Pharisees that did not really repent. He said to them: "Go
and first bear fruit in keeping with repentance." The gospel of
the kingdom was preached by John the Baptist to prepare the way for
the coming of Jesus so that people would be prepared and not just be
cast into hell and damnation because they did not bear fruit of
repentance. The same message, the gospel of the kingdom must be
preached until the end of the earth.
Many false Gospels are
being preached. They say you miss just believe in Jesus and you're
saved, you must just believe in the Cross death and resurrection of
Jesus. That's a lie, my friend. The truth is: If you do not repent
you will perish, you'll end up in hell. I've been preaching this
gospel since 2008. I've been warning the world to repent, to be
baptized, to get to know Jesus, to come into relationship with Him,
to receive the Holy Spirit and be led by the Holy Spirit, not be led
by men and churches. When Jesus comes, many will not be prepared. I
was not prepared when Jesus woke me up in 2008, but I thank Him that
He woke me up He taught me the true gospel, which I could share with
the world. Jesus is coming and many people are not ready. If you go
and read Matthew chapter 24 Jesus warned that there will be many
false prophets, many will come in His name and claim that they are
Him. That is the time that we're living in now. We do not know when
Jesus is coming. We do not know when the bridegroom will come . There
are many virgins that are ready but they are fast asleep. The warning
to the foolish virgins was that they did not have extra oil in their
lamps.What is that extra is that extra oil? Is it extra Bible
knowledge? No, it is your relationship with Jesus Christ. Do you have
the Holy Spirit in you? Do you hear His voice? Do you follow Him
every day? Are you awake in Jesus? Are you doing His will? Does He
know you intimately and do you know Him because you walk with Him
daily? Just to believe in Jesus is not sufficient. It is not enough.
We have to walk with Him daily. We have to follow Him. We have to
bear fruit, fruit of holiness, of repentance. We have to warn the
world, bring others to Jesus. We have to be working for the kingdom,
be active in the kingdom of God or else He will say to us: "I do
not know you. Go away you worker of wickedness. Many Christians are
living in sin and they think it's acceptable. They're deceived by
satan. Without holiness no man will see God. If you do not walk with
Jesus daily, then He will deny you. He will show you away. You have
to follow Jesus every day. Seek His kingdom, seek His righteousness
and work for His kingdom, if you want to inherit that kingdom. That
is the warning, that is the message, the gospel of the kingdom.
Become part of the kingdom of God now or you will miss it. There is
no other way to go in there, but to follow and obey Jesus and to be
in close relationship with Him. Do you know Jesus? Do you follow and
obey Him every day, or are you busy with dead religion? Are you fast
asleep? Have you got oil in your lamp? Do you hear His voice and
follow Him? Do you go after Him every day? Are you close with Jesus?
Jesus is coming! Are you ready? He might be coming today, tomorrow,
we don't know. We must be ready. The end is near. We just do not know
how near. May Jesus bless you.

Jesus Christ is alive and
hell is real I am here to introduce you to Jesus Christ so that you
can know Him and follow Him and have eternal life. Subscribe to my
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