Wednesday, December 4, 2019


The whole Christian world has been taken

over by a Bible frenzy. Christians want

to know the Bible, they study the Bible.

Churches teach the Bible. They keep on

teaching people, they study the Bible.

They never come to the knowledge of the

truth because they never come to the

knowledge of Jesus. Churches are built on

knowledge bases. Your famous preachers,

your big preachers are all Bible people.

They teach the Bible, they teach their

doctrines around the Bible. All churches

are grounded on the Bible but not on

Jesus Christ. They don't know Jesus, they

all lost. They've never found Him and

some of them who have found Him have

deserted Him. They've gone back to the

Bible. The Bible cannot save you. If you

know the whole Bible it will not give

you eternal life, it's only Jesus who

gives eternal life.

We must take people

to Jesus, we've got to follow Jesus. There

were no Bibles when Jesus walked this

earth, It only happened many years

afterwards that they started compiling

the Bibles and then people went after

the Bible. Now everybody wants a Bible,

they want to study the Bible. They keep

on studying the Bible. they have seminars

and they are infatuated with the Bible.

Everybody thinks that if they study the

Bible then and they will have eternal

life and if you can quote verse and

chapter then you're spiritual. You're not

spiritual. You might know the Bible but

you don't know Jesus. You need

to know Jesus to get into heaven. You

need to follow Jesus, know His voice,

follow Him, obey His words, His commands

what is important to your Bible is the

words of Jesus they were written down by

four witnesses Matthew

Mark Luke and John that recorded the

words of Jesus many years after after

what Jesus spoke those words but they

were recorded as a record for us those

are the words of eternal life Matthew

Mark Luke and John those are the words

that we have to obey we have to do with

Jesus commanded turn to Him repent and

be baptized follow him and he will

reveal himself to you you will know his

voice and you can follow him but

Christians do not know the voice of

Jesus today they quote your Bible verses

and then they ask you how to pray they

want a special prayer there's no special

prayer or formula go on your knees he is

the Living God man he made you he made

me and he speaks and he wants us to come

into communion with him in our spirit he

wants to give his Holy Spirit in you so

that you can hear him listen to him

follow him if you don't know him and you

don't follow him how can you get into

heaven not just by believing in him

believing in Jesus cannot save you you

have to follow him you have to know him

you have to know his voice you have to

seek Him in prayer get serious call on

your knees and pray cry out to him cry

say lord I need you I cannot go on

without you

I need your spirit you don't need more

Bible verses you didn't don't need more

Bible and knowledge you don't need

Christian friends

you don't need fellowship with other

Christians you need fellowship with

Jesus because when you die you're gonna

meet up with Jesus and either you will

know you or you asite you I don't know

you go away from me and most Christians

do not know Jesus somehow believed in

them and acts they received him some

have received

baptism and Holy Spirit and some of him

has thought that listening to his voice

but most of them not they think that if

they believe in Jesus they are saved if

they study the Bible and then they will

are going to heaven that's nonsense it's

a lie friends it is our relationship

with Jesus that determines whether we

will have eternal life or not it it is

our obedience to him that will determine

whether we will inherit the kingdom of

God you have to know Jesus you have to

seek Him he is the Living God He is God

Almighty whatever anybody tells you they

don't know him I know him and Jesus is

alive he is God he is the final

authority not the Bible the Bible is not

the Word of God Jesus Christ is the Word

of God He is God he's alive he speaks

His sheep hear His voice and they follow

Him have you come to know Jesus do not

wait longer dear friend get to know

Jesus put down your Bible go into your

prayer closet go somewhere alone go and

pray to cry out to Jesus hey lord I need

you you will reveal himself to you he

will speak to you he will speak you in a

dream or whatever way but you have to be

serious if you don't want to end up in

hell dear friend you need to seek Jesus

you need to know him follow him and obey

Him until the very end Jesus Christ is

the only way there is no other may Jesus

bless you

Jesus Christ is alive and he'll is real

I am here to introduce you to Jesus

Christ so that you can know him and

follow him and have eternal life

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about Jesus may Jesus bless you

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