Sunday, December 15, 2019


There are many false Gospels of Jesus

Christ being preached in the world today

and many people are being deceived, and

they will end up in hell

because they believe that they have

salvation, but they do not know Jesus.

Neither does Jesus know them. Just

believing in Jesus is not sufficient.

Just reading His words and commandments,

as are also recorded in Matthew, Mark,

Luke and John, is not sufficient. We

have to obey Hs words, we have to obey

the gospel of Jesus Christ so that we

will get to know Him for real. We must be

born again of water and of the Spirit.

Repent and be baptized in water and

receive the Holy Spirit, who will dwell

in us. He will teach us and He will guide

us. We need to hear from Jesus. Jesus said: "My sheep hear My voice, they listen to Me.

They follow Me. I know them and I give

them eternal life."

We need that

interaction with Jesus. Many talk about a

relationship with Jesus but their

relationship is one-sided. They read

bible scripture they apply the Bible

Scripture but they have no interaction

with Jesus. They do not hear from Him and

that is why Jesus warned and said that

He will say to many in that day: " Go away

I never knew you,"  people who thought they

were saved. Why did they not know Jesus?

Those people believed in Jesus but they

had no interaction with Him, they did not

know His voice. They did not follow Him,

they did not hear from Him.

If we are born again of the Spirit of

God and the Spirit of Christ dwells in

us we will hear from Jesus. He will

reveal Himself to us. He will speak to us

and guide us. We cannot trust in our own

discernment or our own application of

the scriptures. We have to hear from


He is the Living God and He speaks. He

reveals Himself to those who seek Him

and who obey His words. They get to know

Him for real. We need that real

relationship with Jesus. We need to seek

Him in prayer until He answers us and

we must keep our relationship with Jesus

alive and going. We must go after Him

every day and we must hear from Him.

Those who being led by the Spirit of God

they are the sons of God. It's not

sufficient just to believe in Jesus. I

must know Him and He must know me. Do we

hear from Jesus? Is our relationship with

Him real?

May Jesus bless you.

Jesus Christ is alive and hell is real

I am here to introduce you to Jesus

Christ so that you can know Him and

follow Him and have eternal life.

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about Jesus. may Jesus bless you.


  1. Jan, please clarify...

    "they will end up in hell

    because I believe that they have

    salvation, but they do not know Jesus."

  2. Sorry, that was a typing error. I corrected it. "They believe that they have slvation, but they do not know Jesus"