Friday, October 18, 2013

Cheap and shallow WORTHLESS Christianity

The vast majority of professing Christians subscribe to a cheap, shallow gospel. They are happy-go-lucky and they are conformed to the world. They have no likeness to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was despised by men, He was a man of sorrow. If we follow Jesus Christ we will be TRANSFORMED INTO HIS LIKENESS through SUFFERING AND PERSECUTION.
The only way that you become like Jesus is IF you follow Him. Jesus will take you take you along a road of rejection, suffering and persecution, and you will be CHANGED through that WHICH YOU SUFFER. If you do not go through the mill, through difficulty, you cannot be transformed to the likeness of Jesus Christ, you cannot become a CHILD OF GOD.
IF you look like the world, if you are happy-go-lucky, if you are having a good time then you are not of Christ, YOU ARE OF THIS WORLD! If you truly follow Jesus Christ you will be like Him in all respects.
Are you like Jesus Christ? Are you being transformed through suffering? If you are not suffering then you are NOT on the straight and narrow road, you are not following Jesus Christ and you do not have any hope of salvation. If you want eternal life then you have to deny yourself, pick up your cross every day and follow Jesus Christ and you will become LIKE HIM.

May Jesus bless you.

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  1. Im in NY and cant wait to read your daily messages. I feel happier than I have in years and I think its the joy of the Holy Spirit. Even though my family thinks im crazy obsessed with my love of Jesus I wont stop. I feel sorry for nonbelievers. I pray to my Lord often and go for 4am walks with other Jesus lovers. Thank you for all your work and enlightenment. Your messages have lifted me so much 0:)