Friday, October 4, 2013

Most Christians are FAKE and will PERISH in HELL

Most Christians do not KNOW, FOLLOW or OBEY Jesus Christ. Most Christians will perish in hell. Most Christians have never denied themselves, have never picked up their cross and have never started following Jesus Christ. Most Christians are not even baptized in water. Jesus Christ will say to Most Christians:”Go away I never knew you.”
Most Christians have taken on a belief, a religion, based on the truth while they themselves are denying the truth. The truth IS Jesus Christ and OBEDIENCE to Him, a close relationship with Him; obeying His words, following Him every day, that is the truth.
Most Christians never stopped sinning. Most Christians never gave up their own desires, they are running after their own desires, fulfilling themselves. They are slaves to their own lusts, it is all about THEM not about the kingdom of God. It is all about what they can get out of it. Jesus called us to serve HIM. If you are running after your desires you are a SLAVE TO SIN. If we live according to the FLESH we will DIE but if we live according to the Spirit of God then we will LIVE. The only way that the Spirit of God will guide you is if you DENY YOURSELF and GO AFTER Jesus, SEEK Him and OBEY Him. Obey His words, REPENT, STOP SINNING, be righteous and holy, be BAPTIZED IN WATER for the washing off of your sin, SIN NO MORE, open yourself to the Holy Spirit of God, invite Him in and SEEK Him EVERY DAY. Go after Him and He will reveal Himself to you. But if you go after the lusts of your flesh you will reap destruction. You have to GO AFTER Jesus and DO the will of God, then you will have eternal life.
Most Christians are going after their flesh. They are not going after Jesus nor are they seeking the kingdom of God and they will reap destruction. Are YOU going after Jesus, denying yourself, picking up your cross every day and following Him? Or are you doing what YOU please, what YOU want to do? If you live according to your flesh you will perish but if by the Spirit of God dwelling in you, you mortify, KILL the deeds of the flesh and DO the works of God then you will live. Are you DOING the works of God? Are you OBEYING Jesus Christ or are you also a deceived, lost Christian on his way to hell?

May Jesus bless you.

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